An Army and Navy Academy Cadet Will…

  • Develop intellectual curiosity, creativity, and independent thought through a rigorous academic core curriculum that prepares each Cadet for the challenges of post-secondary education.
  • Become a literate student conversant with technology who can gather, evaluate, and analyze facts in order to draw meaningful and valid conclusions in an ethical manner.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of civic responsibilities and a commitment to service.
  • Relate successfully to others, accept responsibility, demonstrate empathy, and adapt to change as he faces problems that confront him now and in the future.
  • Develop mature habits and skills that promote lifelong emotional health.
  • Develop an appreciation for cultural diversity in our modern world.

Our Mission is to Educate, Mentor, and Develop Good Character and Leadership in Young Men


A Message From the Director of ASB

Sarah-OrtizThe Associated Student Body (ASB) encourages character development, values, and a sense of respect and responsibility in Cadets.

Senior Cadets are elected and appointed to ASB Officer positions, and they meet regularly with the ASB Director to discuss issues pertaining to the needs of Cadets, the Academy, and the greater community.

In addition to the ASB Officers, each class nominates class representatives. Officers and class representatives serve as role models for the Corps of Cadets. They are expected to be in good standing in terms of academics, citizenship, and leadership.

ASB Clubs allow Cadets to get involved in activities outside of Academics. Many of the clubs complete community service projects, some are for entertainment, and others are faith-based. We have a club to match the interests of each Cadet on campus, and Cadets are required to be members of at least one club per school year.

Sarah Ortiz, ASB DirectorEmail Mrs. Ortiz


Club Offerings for Students

Animation and Movie Club

Advisor:  Mr. Terry Matsuoka (By Email)
This club focuses on learning how animation and movies are created. The members will learn how to draw and put their drawings into animation action. They will also build on the appreciation of animated creations and analyze their peers’ works. Lastly, this club will study the history and original creation of animation and films.

Anti Bullying Club at Discovery CharterAnti-Bullying Club

Advisor:  Ms. Jara Dupere (By Email)
The Anti-Bullying Club exists in schools across the country to promote kindness and helping others, and to instill positive characteristics in our Cadets. We hope to initiate different activities on campus to encourage good character in young men.

Astronomy Club

Advisor:  Mr. Pat Boyce (By Email)
Club members will be participating in international astronomy research projects as well as community outreach and astronomy events. The astronomical and scientific projects led by the club is run by the Cadets. They choose and manage topics and research projects of interest. Astronomy observation will be conducted with a remote controlled “Roboscope” donated by the San Diego Astronomy Association as well as several local pieces of telescope equipment.

Through participation in international research projects Cadets can gain experience with collaborative science. In addition, Cadets can explore their interest in astronomy using professional grade telescope equipment. This equipment will expose club members to physics, mathematics, photography, comparative planetology, instrumentation, electronics, programming, and many more fields of science, math, and engineering.

Bagpipe Club

Advisor:  Mr. Alan Black (By Email)
Cadets have fun in this club learning the techniques and styles used to play the Highland Bagpipes. Cadets will learn how to play, understand the mechanics and maintenance of the instrument, and experience audio and visual appreciation of the music.

Beta Club

Advisor:  Mrs. Lisa Cafro (By Email)
The National Beta Club is the largest independent, non-profit, educational youth organization in America. It has prepared today’s students to be tomorrow’s leaders for over 80 years. Their mission is to promote the ideals of academic achievement, character, service, and leadership among elementary and secondary school students.

Cadets Against Drunk Driving

Advisor: Ms. Christy Brown (By Email)

At ANA, our club works together to raise funds to participate in local events that help Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD). We also give presentations and assemblies at our school and other schools about the effects of drunk driving. Along with the counseling department, we are also available for any cadet on campus who needs help with alcohol related incidents.

We also educate the cadets about the effects of unsafe driving practices, discuss ways to promote safe driving, and study for upcoming DMV tests.

Cadets for Christ

Advisor:  Mrs. Sylvia Vasquez (By Email)
This club is for Christians or Cadets who may have a desire to become a Christian. This club also welcomes Cadets who just may have questions about the Bible. This club will have an open forum to discuss biblical principals, morals, and values, and discussions on how to apply this to your everyday life.

California Scholarship Federation (CSF)

Advisor:  Ms. Jolene Mitchell (By Email)
The California Scholarship Federation (CSF) emphasizes high standards of scholarship and community service for California high school students. Founded in 1921, the California Scholarship Federation is the oldest scholarship institution in the state of California.

chessChess Club

Advisor:  Mrs. Lisa Cafro (By Email)
The Chess Club is intended to be a fun and competitive club that that encourages the development of game strategies and critical thinking skills. Inter-Club competitions will be considered depending on student interest.

Computer Science Club

Advisor:  Mr. Gavin Hooker (By Email)
This club would like to teach its members about basic fundamentals in computer hardware, security, and programming as well as to compete in the U.S. Cyber Patriot security competition.

Creative Writing Club

Advisor:  Mrs. Kimberly Frazier (By Email)
In Creative Writing Club, Cadets will get to write expressively and creatively. The club will focus on short, fun writing activities designed to develop narrative voice. Cadets can choose to work on extended pieces of writing or work on short pieces related to the different activities that take place during club time. We’ll write poems, short stories, and creative nonfiction. If you are interested in the craft of writing, this club is for you!


Advisor:  Mr. James Veltri (By Email)
This club promotes leadership in business and prepares Cadets for many aspects of business such as entrepreneurship, marketing, and business administration. Cadets will be able to have real-life activities related to their business field as well as have outside resources give them ides and opportunities to learn about creativeness, innovation, and effective communication.

Fencing Club

Advisor: Ms. Erika Roper (By Email)
The Fencing Club teaches Cadets how to fence along with the history of fencing and swordsmanship from the medieval and renaissance eras. During club time, Cadets practice drills with the goal of competing in local competitions.


Advisor: Mr. Roye Oliver (By Email)
In the fishing club, cadets will have an opportunity to learn about different types of fishing, how to properly use hooks, lines, lures, sinkers, etc. Different techniques  that will be discussed and practiced will include  hand gathering, spearing, netting, angling, and trapping. Cadets will also have to opportunity to go on several fishing excursions and trips where they can apply their skills  that they have learned from the club.


Advisor:  Dr. Robin Cowen (By Email)
The Forensics Club investigates the application of a broad range of scientific disciplines to the achievement of the goals of the criminal justice system and the betterment of society. Forensics club was established in 2006 to serve the needs and interests of our Cadets.

The purposes of the Forensics club are to advance the understanding and promote greater awareness of forensic science; expose Cadets to methodology and tools used in forensics; strengthen the Cadet’s understanding of the sciences and develop leadership skills; encourage students in their educational pursuits, make them aware of career opportunities in the field of forensic science and establish and develop ties between the Academy science Cadets and local personnel involved in forensics. This is achieved through field trips, hands-on lab activities, movies and guest speakers.

Game Time

Advisors:  Mrs. Drake & Mrs. Martin (By Email)
The Game Time Club is designed to provide Cadets with an opportunity to be part of a stress-free, game-centered environment. Being able to engage in friendly competition helps to develop good character in young men.

Hockey Club

Advisor: Mr. Joe South (By Email)
The Hockey Club gives Cadets an opportunity to learn about and play the exciting sport of hockey. Cadets will have an opportunity to develop basic and intermediate fundamentals of hockey, which include: skating, stickhandling, sportsmanship & the rules of the game.

Cadets will have an opportunity to participate on a weekly basis during club meetings. The purpose of the club is to create a source for players to develop their skills to join, as a school team, one of the local high school roller hockey leagues with the potential for ice hockey in the near future.

interact on veterans dayInteract Club

Advisor:  Mrs. Sarah Ortiz (By Email)
Interact club is a service club and is part of Rotary International, the world’s first service club organization. The parent international organization consists of over 30,000 clubs around the world and boasts more than million business and professional leaders as members.

Individual Rotary clubs sponsor the youth component, Interact clubs, by providing guidance and support. One of the club’s favorite activities is supporting the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society through its annual Pasta for Pennies fundraiser.

International Language and Culture Club

Advisor:  Ms. Maya Ramirez, Mrs. Eleni Theochari, and Mrs. Sonja Pratt (By Email)
This club is for Cadets who have a strong desire to learn a second or third language. This club allows all Cadets to develop an appreciation for cultural diversity in our global community, both on campus and in the world.

Key Club

Advisor:  Mrs. Jen Edwards (By Email)
“Caring: Our Way of Life.”

Key club is the oldest and largest service program for high school students. It is a student governed organization whose goal is to teach leadership through serving others. Key Club International is a part of the Kiwanis International group. Each local Key Club is, in turn, sponsored by a local Kiwanis club.

Mock Trial

Advisor: Mr. Charles Morone (By Email)

This club creates a model of a courtroom to stimulate a real situation and feel of a courtroom. Many roles will be used- attorneys, jury, witnesses, accused, and sometimes a judge. The cases will range from a murder to a simple parking ticket and the verdict will be decided upon by the jury and the club advisor.

Mock Trial would like to participate in local competitions against other schools.

national-honor-societyNational Honor Society (by invitation only)

Advisor:  Dr. Robin Cowen (By Email)
The National Honor Society (NHS) is one of the oldest and largest recognition programs for high school students in grades 10-12 in the United States of America; however it is also present in several other countries. NHS honors those students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, leadership, service, and character. The National Honor Society was founded in 1921 by the National Association of Secondary School Principals.

It is estimated that over one million students participate in the National Honor Society and National Junior Honor Society. Once selected, a student is awarded membership in the local chapter at a special induction ceremony. With induction, each member assumes certain obligations as outlined by the chapter and the national constitution.

The chapter must conduct a service project for the school or community and see to the development of an individual service project for each member. Chapters may choose to sponsor fundraising projects or otherwise involve themselves with the school to reach the chapter’s goals. In addition, regular meetings of the chapter can be held to conduct chapter business.

Ukulele Club

Advisor:  Mr. Terry Matsuoka and Ms. Jamie Frankfurth (By Email)
The Ukulele Club will give the Cadets who choose to participate, a means of artistic expression on a unique musical instrument. They will be given the chance to share their talents, and their love of music with others. They will choose songs that they want to play, and will learn them and perform them as a group. Singing will be encouraged, as well.

Participation in the club will require self-discipline, respect for others, and will enhance the development of a sense of brotherhood among Cadets, all core values in line with the Academy’s Mission Statement.

Veteran’s Club

Advisor: Mr. Nick Hall (By Email)
The Foundation’s Mission is to assist our nation’s veterans and the families of Fallen Heroes. We will continue the service to community and country exemplified by these Fallen Heroes and veterans. In the spirit of the Fallen, we will foster strength of mind and body to create a generation of future leaders.