Camp Challenge: Summer Leadership Camps

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Through hands-on experiences and interactive classes, campers learn elements of leadership that enhance their ability to make valuable contributions to their families, teams and communities.  For all Summer Cadets, Camp Challenge: LET Intro, LET I, LET II, and Leadership Development Programs introduce and reinforce the values of honor, integrity, respect, responsibility, compassion, and gratitude at the highest level.  

Camp Challenge Leadership Education and Training (LET)

Camp Challenge LET is the Academy’s summer leadership development program, established in 2010. It is the only Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) credit-producing summer leadership course west of the Mississippi.

$2,995 per session
Co-ed, Entering Grades 9-12
Session 1: 7/1/18 – 7/14/18
Session 2: 7/15/18 – 7/28/18

LET Intro

LET Introduction presents leadership education with group instruction, hands-on learning, and outdoor adventures.  This introduction to basic leadership focuses on the core values of honor, integrity, responsibility, loyalty, and selfless service motivating Summer Cadets and allowing them to add “leadership training” to their resumes and college applications.  (Non-Credit Course)

$4,995 per session
Co-ed, Entering Grades 9-12
One 4 Week Session
7/1/18 – 7/28/18


Summer Cadets learn to focus on achievement as they work to overcome physical and mental team challenges while developing self-confidence as leaders and contributing team members.  Specifically designed for high school students, our JROTC Camp Challenge course will reward successful participants with 180 hours of Leadership Education and Training. During our four-week course, participants will develop self-confidence as leaders and as active team members.


In the second level of the LET program Summer Cadets focus on more advanced citizenship skills while continuing their development as self-confident team members.  Building on their LET I experience, LET II Summer Cadets take part in health and first aid instruction designed to promote wellness through nutrition, physical fitness, and substance abuse prevention. 

Camp Challenge Leadership Development Program (LDP)

$2,995 per session
Co-ed, Entering Grades 6-8
Session 1: 7/1/18 – 7/14/18
Session 2: 7/15/18 – 7/28/18

Camp Challenge LDP is for Middle School Summer Cadets who are just beginning to explore their leadership potential or interest in JROTC. 

The camp includes formal leadership instruction in addition to “Foundations of Success” subject matter. Summer Cadets will attain invaluable life skills, including self-confidence, team-building, accountability, discipline, and respect.

LDP Basic

This “Introduction to Leadership” camp is for middle school campers interested in exploring their leadership potential and enhancing existing leadership skills while learning the fundamentals of citizenship.  LDP Summer Cadets pick up invaluable life skills through fun activities and adventure-based challenges that reinforce teamwork, accountability, discipline, respect, and other traits, setting their foundation for success.

LDP Advanced

Available only to Summer Cadets that have completed the required LDP Basic course, this level of LDP consists of a more advanced curriculum in leadership combined with an introduction to subjects that will help prepare campers for high school.  As with all Camp Challenge camps, LDP Advanced focuses on the Core Values of Honor, Integrity, Responsibility, Loyalty, and Selfless Service.

LDP Combination: $4,995
Co-ed, Entering Grades 6-8
One 4 Week Session
7/1/18 – 7/28/18

For Summer Cadets interested in the opportunity to complete basic and advanced courses, this option provides both during the four-week session.


No matter which summer program you choose, you can expect your child to:

  • Feel safe with 24-hour on-campus security and supervision
  • Enhance leadership skills including self-confidence and team-building
  • Develop accountability, discipline, and respect
  • Enrich college applications and school transcripts
  • Enjoy full access to our oceanfront campus facilities, including a state-of-the-art gymnasium, cafeteria, library, media center, recreation center, swimming pool, tennis courts, athletic field, and private beach access

What to Expect:

  • Development of leadership skills
  • Team-building exercises
  • Increased confidence
  • New friendships

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