Atkinson Warrior Band

Benefits of Music EducationSee the Band!

Download the Atkinson Warrior Band’s 2017-2018 performance schedule. Coming Soon!!!

Benefits of Music Education

Research has shown that participation in music leads to positive academic and psychological development.

Music education and participation provides benefits in:

  • Improving self expression
  • Improving spatial intelligence
  • Increased creative thinking
  • Higher scores on the SAT
  • Improving social skills, including teamwork and communication

You can read more about this research through the Children’s Music Workshop.

The Atkinson Warrior Band

The Atkinson Warrior Band is an integral part of the history and tradition of the Army and Navy Academy going back over 100 years. The band members consist of about 50 musician Cadets of all levels of experience. See the Band’s syllabus here. Coming Soon!!!

Cadets in grades 7 – 8 make up the Middle School Band. Cadets in grades 9 – 12 have two options. The High School Band allows Cadets with no prior experience to learn an instrument and participate in concerts and parades throughout the year. The Advanced Band is for those who have any level of prior musical experience performing on their instrument.

Both the High School Advanced Bands perform together during concerts and parades throughout the year. All bands rehearse during assigned class periods, and weekly as a combined group when required. There are also volunteer pep and jazz band opportunities.

Additionally, the Warrior Band supports local parades and ceremonies. Notable performances include:

  • National Anthem for San Diego Padres baseball games
  • 2013 North County Music Festival in Oceanside, California
  • 2013 Saint Patrick’s Day Parade in Vista, California
  • 2012 on the USS Midway
  • 2012 San Diego Veteran’s Day Parade
  • 2012 Holiday Performance on News 8 San Diego
  • 2011 National Memorial Day Parade in Washington, DC

At the Academy, it is possible to be active in the band and fully involved in athletics and other school groups. The schedules for rehearsals and performances are planned so as not to conflict with athletics.

As a musical ensemble, it requires the Cadets to actively exercise teamwork, critical analysis, interpretive skills, and expression.

The Band Company has been one of the most successful, scoring high in drill and achieving Company of the Year over the past several years.