Thank You — We’ve Received The Application For Your Son!

Every boy has a different story, and we believe your son deserves the one-on-one attention to bring his to life.

Around the clock, we listen, challenge, and encourage students to imagine and accomplish their goals.

At Army and Navy Academy, we take the best of what military structure has to offer and mix it into an exciting, boy-focused environment designed to help you reach your full potential. Small class sizes allow us to get to know each Cadet individually and personalize learning experiences to personal needs.

Do more. Be more. We’re here every step of the way.

We welcome you to visit our oceanfront campus — make an appointment Mon. – Fri. by calling 888.762.2338

Be Bold.  Be Brilliant.  Be You.

Army and Navy Academy prepares boys in grades 7 – 12 for success in college and far beyond.

~ Michael D. (Alumnus)

“When I think about Army and Navy Academy, I think about positivity — friends, coaches, teachers, teammates, everyone’s always trying to help me become a better person.”