Harvard Model Congress 2016Army and Navy Academy Cadets were recently in Boston to participate in the 29th annual Harvard Model Congress (HMC) Conference.

HMC is a non-profit organization run by undergraduate students at Harvard College. The conference is an exercise in government simulation, where students have the opportunity to act as delegates from the Senate, Supreme Court, National Security Council, and more. This year, the Army and Navy Academy Cadets served as legislators from the House of Representatives, Presidential Cabinet, and Constitutional Convention.

The focus is on teaching students the many pieces that allow our government to run smoothly. Through lively debate, students learn about the issues affecting our country today. The students covered topics ranging from the Keystone Pipeline to immigration reform.

“Through the conference, students begin to connect academics with the world around them and, most importantly, begin to get involved and understand the role they can play in changing the world for the better,” says a Harvard Faculty Advisor.

To see the full list of participating Cadets, please visit our Merit Page.