A Day in the Life at Camp Pacific

Surfing at Camp PacificCamp Pacific is ANA Summer Programs’ original summer camp. Our prime location right on Carlsbad Beach gives our campers a true Southern California experience.

Take a closer look at a typical day in our flagship camp and you can see that it’s action-packed and full of great activities!

A Day in the Life

7:00 am – Wake up time! A bugle sounds throughout the campus to get campers up and out of bed. Everyone meets on the steps of Davis Hall to hear the daily news and any camp notifications for the day. Then, each cabin group heads off to the Mess Hall for my personal favorite time of the day!

7:30 am – Breakfast! Every morning, campers have lots of delicious breakfast choices. From cereals and fruit to bagels and fresh juice, there’s something for everyone.

During breakfast, campers fuel up for the day ahead while socializing with friends. They finish breakfast feeling replenished and ready for a fun day!

8:30 am – Campers prepare for their chosen activity of the morning. As California weather is pleasingly consistent, activities are almost always outdoors! Activities include surfing, arts and crafts, sports, music lessons, performing arts, computing projects, photography, fashion design, movie creation… the list is literally limitless.

10:00 am – Campers now head to their second activity, where counselors are prepped and ready to go. It is common for campers to mix up their activities in the morning, for example – soccer for the first period, then something ‘artsy’ for their second activity.

This means they can get exercise, followed by something more intricate, plus the opportunity to socialize with other campers a lot more!

11:30 am – After activities, campers return to their rooms to clean up, perhaps get changed, and prepare for lunch. This is also a time for counselors to get their groups together to discuss the morning. If campers still want to play, then sure – play on!

11:45 am – Davis Hall’s steps are once again used for announcements and general camp information, although these announcements are usually drowned out by the sound of hungry stomachs – it’s lunch time!

12:00 pm – Lunch commences, and once again a variety of foods are available. From caesar salads to burritos, chicken and rice to sandwiches, the range of foods is always excellent.

Counselors enforce the “one soda one water” rule during all meal periods. We always keep on top of camper hydration, especially as the weather is warm and campers have been running around all morning.

12:45 pm – Siesta/Dorm time. This is a chance for campers to relax and kick back after a morning full of activities. Counselors sometimes supervise and help campers tidy their rooms. If this doesn’t need to be done, campers relax with music, perhaps have a nap, and generally replenish their energy levels to get ready for the afternoon!

1:15 pm – Afternoon activities start. Once again, an almost limitless choice of activities is on offer for campers of all ages. The beach is a popular choice, so arts and crafts materials are transported down to our beach tables, sports equipment is available, and of course our surf boards are out and ready to be used!

2:30 pm – The second afternoon activity starts, and campers move to their next choice. As mentioned, water intake it always of high importance, so counselors ensure that campers make use of the water fountains and the water coolers.

4:00 pm – Free time! Campers can either kick back and relax, play sports, listen to music, or generally socialize and have fun with each other. Counselors are situated at specific sports on campus, giving blanket supervision.

This is a perfect chance for campers to socialize with others who they haven’t shared morning activity time with, and it isn’t uncommon to see the older campers playing sports with the youngest of our campers. Free time really is “camper’s time.”

5:00 pm – Dinner! As with all meal times, both hot and cold food are on offer, along with fruits and juices. Dinner offers yet another chance for campers to discuss their day with others, talk about what they liked, what they are doing tomorrow, and so on.

6:00 pm – Cabin activity commences. This activity is for each cabin group to participate in an activity designed to bring the group together as a team. Counselors either let their group chose the activity, or they already have one planned which is specifically designed and set out to achieve a goal once completed.

This time is also used to discuss any group-related issues, and a real chance for campers to let their counselors know how they are doing and what they are excited about.

7:15 pm – Evening activity starts! Whether it’s movie night, capture the flag, soccer, dodgeball, or our superb camp fires, the range of evening activities are excellent.

Having been at Camp Pacific for 5 years now, one of my fondest memories has been playing guitar at the camp fire, having campers from all over the world sing along and having a good time.

Two of our counselors have been playing music together for years, so they are usually the ‘go-to’ guys for specific song requests, and nothing is too bizarre! the sunset view almost every evening activity is another bonus to being at Camp Pacific.

8:45 pm – Campers head back to their cabin areas and begin winding down. Our ‘cabin time’ is essential to both staff and campers. This is the time when the cabin gets together and discusses their days, talks about their favorite activities, and generally interact on a nice mellow level with each other.

This reflection is one thing I have found to be incredibly useful when looking after campers. Each voice is heard, no matter what. Once everyone is on the verge of sleep, counselors supervise their group getting ready for bed, brushing teeth, filling water bottles, etc.

10:00 pm – Lights out! The bugle sounds, meaning campers must turn off their lights and get some much-needed rest. After a long, energetic day, campers are usually asleep before their heads hit the pillow!

The Operations Staff are on duty 24/7, so they keep an eye on the entire campus throughout the night and in to the early hours of the morning. One day at camp complete – bring on the next one!

By Oli Twambley, 2014 Camp Pacific Director