chemistry classStudies show there are real differences between boys and girls and the ways that each group learns best. Some scientists have discovered structural differences in their brains, while others have found more functional differences.

As an all-boys school, Army and Navy Academy is able to focus on boys’ brains and use teaching methods designed specifically for them. Some of these methods have been created based on the Academy’s partnership with the Gurian Institute, a leader in gender-based research.

Teachers use the Gurian Institute’s research to develop classroom practices that are most effective for boys, like creating hands-on lessons, introducing competition into learning, and allowing movement in the classroom.

Because of our commitment to teaching boys and our work with the Gurian Institute, the organization has named Army and Navy Academy a Gurian Model School. This means that we are a leader in single-gender education and that our Faculty and Staff are regularly trained in the latest brain science and the ways it can be applied in the classroom. There are only 10 Gurian Model Schools in the country, and we are proud to be one of them.

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