Boarding schools celebrate Chinese New YearOn February 8, 2016, Army and Navy Academy held its second annual Chinese New Year Celebration. As an international campus, many cultures and languages are a part of our everyday culture, and when we celebrate an important holiday from the country of our Cadets, we celebrate together.

Chinese New year marks the beginning of spring in the Lunar calendar and lasts for 15 days. During the holiday, Chinese family and friends get together to celebrate the New Year. The Chinese New Year is celebrated with a festive dinner, fireworks, and lucky money envelopes that are given to the children from their elders.

Our  Chinese New Year celebration was an all-school event and was organized by the International Liaison leader, Cadet Yucheng Wang. Our Chinese New Year Celebration included a wishing lantern ceremony at the ANA beach; traditional lion dancers from the San Diego CCBA Lucky Lion Dancers; delicious Chinese appetizers from the local restaurant, The Mandarin; and several stations that highlighted this very special holiday.

The stations included students teaching the Cadets about Chinese New Year, origami folding, chopstick pickup games, students creating posters in Chinese characters, and homemade dumplings made by students from the Mandarin class. Daoshang Wang’s and Martin Xia’s families flew in from China and made delicious homemade dumplings for the entire Corps of Cadets. It was an evening to remember!

This event would not have happened without the support from MG Bartell, Col Ward, Dr. Basista, Dr. Tsou, Ms. Hoagland, ANA-TV, ANA Yearbook, and all the support from the Cadet Life team. Chinese New Year exemplified the brotherhood and campus collaboration at Army and Navy Academy. Next year, we invite you to join our celebration!