Matthew Boyce in AlaskaCadet Matthew Boyce ’17 recently completed a 30-day National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) Course in Alaska. The course is designed to develop leadership and ethics while also teaching technical outdoor skills, like map reading and how to exit from a wet kayak.

During the course, Boyce and a small group kayaked over 95 nautical miles in the Prince William Sound and backpacked approximately 60 miles in the Alaskan back country. While backpacking, they were so remote that food supplies were flown in by bush pilot.

Each day, a different student served as leader of the group. That person would be responsible for deciding the course, reviewing the weather, and making adjustments as necessary along the way. The NOLS experience is much more than a outdoor camp – it is hands-on leadership course, deep in the wilderness.

Congratulations to Cadet Boyce on completing the course. This is truly an amazing accomplishment.