Cadets' Favorite Restaurants in Carlsbad Village

One of the greatest things about Army and Navy Academy is our location – we’re right on the beach and are walking distance from everything there is to do in Carlsbad Village.

During Local Liberty, Cadets can walk into the Village, our local community, where there are coffee shops, restaurants, boutiques, and more. Not surprisingly, Cadets often like to eat out in the Village for a break from the Mess Hall.

Cadets are looking for three main things when they eat out:

  1. Taste
  2. Distance from campus
  3. Wait time

They’re also looking for healthier alternatives to some nearby fast food restaurants like Denny’s or McDonalds. Here, Cadet Countryman reviews our Cadets’ top 4 favorite restaurants.

4. Knockout Pizza

Knockout Pizza is a New York style pizza parlor that sells large and delicious slices of pizza. Their seemingly unlimited amount of combinations of toppings is one of the reasons why knock out pizza can arguably be called the best pizza joint in Carlsbad.

Some of them include meat lover’s, veggie lover’s, artisan’s, meatball, and, my personal favorite, the buffalo chicken pizza – it’s made with sliced chicken on top and, instead of using marinara sauce,  hot and spicy buffalo sauce.

3. Cessy’s

Cessy’s is a hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurant that is a very close walk to campus, so Cadets go there often. Cessy’s is one of those places where every thing is handmade and freshly cooked.

One of the customer favorites is the California burrito. It contains carne asada, french fries, sour cream, cheese, and guacamole.

2. Board and Brew

Board and Brew is definitely a Cadet favorite. It’s one of the best sandwich places in San Diego. Their sandwiches are a way better alternative to places like Subway or Quizno’s.

They’re almost always busy, but, in my opinion, it’s definitely worth the wait for those delicious sandwiches.

1. Knockout Burger

Knockout Burger is definitely, pound for pound, the best burger place in Carlsbad. Their burgers and fries are cooked to perfection every time, not to mention the fact that they give you plenty of food for very cheap. Everything is under $10 which makes this place affordable for everyone.

By Elijah Countryman ’15