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Learning Strategies That Shape Boys into Successful Men

While there have been single gender schools for centuries, it’s only been in recent years that research has shown why such schools are the better option for educating young people.

Good Manners Matter in Preparing for Success in Life

“Good manners will open doors that the best education cannot.”

Courage is Key to Being Prepared for an Unsure Future

Personal character is the primary trait that produces personal courage. Both are learned traits, gained from observing them in role models and formal character development orientation,

Boarding Schools: Where Learning Never Stops

There’s been so much focus on what’s being taught in our schools’ classrooms that we’re apt to forget what needs to happen beyond the traditional school day

Got GRIT? – Teens Shouldn’t Leave Home Without It

Teaching teens to cultivate grit is teaching them to believe that their personal and professional success is in their own hands. Not a bad way to begin the journey through a life of success.

Effective Communication is Key to Resolving Conflicts

Conflict is unavoidable. When humans interact with each other, there is an eventual certainty that different personal preferences, ideas, likes, and dislikes will create conflict.

Grit Seen As Major Predictor Of Success For Teens

It seems courage, follow-through, resilience, and excellence – collectively referred to as “grit” — are in short supply among today’s youth.

Why Setting Goals is Important for Students

Goal setting is fundamental to long-term success. After all, it’s difficult to get to a desired destination before you it’s been clearly defined.

Military Schools Are About College Preparation, Not Enlistment

The top private military boarding schools in the U.S. send around 98% of their graduates to college and university, with only a very small percentage enlisting directly after high school.

When to Choose a Military Boarding School Instead of a Traditional Boarding School

Boarding schools offer an opportunity to develop resiliency, independence and a higher level of college prep than the best public or independent day school.

OCC/LCC Leadership Camp Experiences

Overall, OCC taught me how to be a leader, use proper communication, and how to make life decisions that affect me for the better.

Remembrances of Things Past: Alumni in the Arts

Read about two graduates of the Class of 1955 who are well-remembered for their achievements in the arts.

What does a Boarding School Education Cost?

If you’re exploring boarding schools, you’ve likely noticed that it’s more than an education decision – it’s also a financial one.

The Benefits of a Military Boarding School for Boys

What qualities make military boarding schools for boys so unique?

Why Discipline Is Beneficial For Young Men

Discipline puts young men on the path to success, along with the skills they need to overcome obstacles that appear along the way.

3 Ways to Prepare for your Campus Visit

One of the most important pieces of the boarding school application process is the campus visit.

How to Help Your Teen Become Independent

The boarding school environment gives teens the tools they need to develop the critical skills that lead to independence.

The Value of Building Autonomy in Teens

The structure offered at boarding schools can provide the perfect environment in which to foster autonomy in teens.

Growing Up at Camp Challenge

Camp Challenge is more than a summer camp – it’s a transformative experience that teaches leadership and life skills.

Mastering Motivation and Goal Setting at Military School

The disciplined schedule at military schools helps students learn the dedication required to set and execute goals effectively.