Earth Day at Carlsbad Boarding School

Originally founded in 1970 as a day to educate people about environmental issues, Earth Day has become a globally celebrated holiday that focuses on awareness of our amazing planet and it’s finite resources.

As the oceans heat up and the worst storms in history continue to impact huge amounts of the population, many countries have lengthened Earth Day to an entire week. Earth Day and Week emphasizes educating the masses on a wide range of areas, including the importance of recycling, sustainability, solar energy, and carbon footprints.

It places an emphasis on environmentally friendly practices and helping to save our amazing forests, jungles, oceans, and the unique animals that inhabit our incredible planet.

Along with Earth Day, Earth Hour began in Australia in 2007 to encourage communities around the world to turn off their non-essential lights for one hour, usually from 8:30 pm – 9:30 pm. As of today, 7000 plus cities participate in Earth Hour.

Army and Navy is doing its part by: 

  • Eliminating the use of styrofoam on campus
  • Installing turf on our athletic field and in other areas to conserve water
  • Placing recycling bins all over campus
  • Exploring the potential of installing solar panels to utilize the sun’s energy
  • Installing filtered water coolers around campus to encourage use of reusable water bottles

If everyone does a small part, we can keep the earth green and sustainable for future generations.

How are you promoting sustainability this Earth Day? Share your ways of staying green in the comments!

Special thanks to guest blogger Ethan Segovia, Dean of Academics, for writing this post.