Gala Weekend FAQs

Gala Weekend Frequently Asked QuestionsClosed Weekends are a busy time for us at the Academy, with lots of events squeezed in to a couple of days. Gala Weekend is no exception – there will be a lot happening!

Here, we’ll answer some FAQs about the weekend to help you prepare.

When is Gala Weekend?

Gala Weekend will be from March 3-5.

Do I need to RSVP?

Yes! Please RSVP so we can make sure we have enough food, beverages, and seating for each event.

Will I need to bring anything with me to the Conferences?

No, but we do have some planning tips that may be helpful:

  1. Please plan to be on time to avoid rescheduling challenges.
  2. If you think you will require more than 10 minutes of the Teacher or TAC’s time, please schedule a separate appointment with that person, either in person or via telephone.
  3. Think of questions you’d like to ask in advance. Sometimes, writing them down can be helpful.
  4. Consider making a list of things that will help our Faculty better understand your son. These can include his feelings toward being at school, family conflicts, health concerns, etc.
  5. If a Cadets’ parents are separated and both are planning on attending, we prefer joint meetings with each teacher. This reduces the likelihood of miscommunication, and keeps appointments open for other parents.

What is the Senior Rank Toss?

This is one of our Cadet’s favorite ANA traditions. Underclassmen have the chance to “bid” on a Senior’s rank. The younger Cadets love bidding on the seniors, knowing they’ll be able to have their shoes shined, room cleaned, etc.  by a member of the First Class.

The bidding varies greatly from year to year, but it typically ranges from $25 for a non-high ranking Senior up to $1500 for the Battalion Commander or Sergeant Major. All proceeds go to the Class of 2017.

What is the Black & Gold Gala?

This is a fun evening in support of the Warrior Experience. This year, the theme is “Havana Nights,” and the event features a silent and live auction.

Auction items range from vacations to artwork, along with many packages designed specifically for Cadets.

Do I need tickets to attend the Gala?

Yes. Tickets cost $50 each and include food and drinks.

What awards will be presented at the Military Review and Awards Ceremony on Sunday?

Three major awards will be given:

  1. General William W. Crouch Distinguished Leadership Award – presented to Cadets who have served with distinction in a leadership position of Platoon Sergeant or higher in the Corps of Cadets, who earned a GPA of 3.3 or higher, a LET grade of “A,” and a Citizenship grade of “Excellent” for the preceding semester.
  2. Dean Raymond Ede Superior Academic Achievement Award – presented to Cadets who maintained a GPA for 3.8 or higher during the preceding semester.
  3. Major Peterson Legion of Merit Award – presented to Cadets who exhibit excellence in leadership, citizenship, and personal appearance, while maintaining a GPA of 3.5 or higher and a citizenship grade of “Excellent” for the preceding semester.

Any other questions?

Contact Parent Affairs by phone at 760.547.5277 or by email.