Get Ready for Registration/Move-In Day!

Registration/Moving Day at Army and Navy AcademyThe Office of Admission has created a list of frequently asked questions to help you prepare for your Cadet’s Registration. 

1. What are the required dates for registration/move-in dates?  

  • August 7, 2017: ESL, Football, Water Polo, & Cross Country Athletes
  • August 25, 2017: Cadet Cadre Training (By invitation only) 
  • August 30, 2017: New Cadets (Boarding and Day)
  • September 5, 2017: Returning Cadets (not in any of the above) 

2. Where do we park?

  • Please park in the lot on Mountain View or in the Sports Center lot on Carlsbad Blvd, North of Duffield Sports Center. Signs will be posted. 

3. What is a Registration/Move-in?

  • This event offers parents and families the opportunity to receive an Orientation from the President, help move their Cadet into the barracks, and check in with campus departments. 
  • Department check-ins include: Finance, Health Center, Academics, Registrar, Athletics, Bookstore, and Laundry. Cadets will get to choose electives and receive their tentative academic schedules, get their initial uniform issued, possibly meet their roommate, and set up their barracks. During their training prior to opening day, they will have their hair cut according to the Guidebook, undergo drug testing, and be issued their textbooks.
  • To provide key information to families, the Orientation is required for both new and returning parents. The Orientation takes place at 1:00 PM after the departmental registration and move-in.
  • Immediately following the Orientation, there will be time for families to say their “Good-byes.” We strongly encourage all families to visit and attend major events throughout the year. 

5. How do I prepare for the Health Center?

  • Log in to:
  • Enter your Cadet’s Student ID and then use the Date of Birth for initial login (returning families: your password from last year is still active).
  • Upon initial login, you will be prompted to set a unique password that will be used from that point forward.
  • This gives you access to all the Health Center forms.
  • The forms will need to be scanned in to the portal once completed.

6. What does the Health Center require?

  • Vital Records: Please complete Careflow at least two weeks prior to your assigned registration date. If you are missing the vital records or any health portal information, you will be required to log-on to the health portal before starting registration. 
  • Consent to Treat: Cadets cannot be given any medical treatment without this signature. This is critical and Cadets cannot move-in without this document signed by the parent or legal guardian.
  • Medical and Therapeutic Compliance: This is a required section and shows your understanding and compliance with Health Center policies and procedures. 
  • Physical Exam: A physical exam is required prior to move-in. Cadets need a sports clearance and the form must be filled out by a physician with the office stamp. 
  • Immunizations: If you are missing the physical exam or any immunizations, we will need you to go off-campus to the nearest clinic before starting registration. This is time consuming, so we urge you to complete the following at least two weeks prior to your assigned registration/move-in date: TB, CBC, UA (all new Cadets and returning internationals). All results must be attached with the paperwork. WNL cannot be accepted. 
  • Domestic Health Insurance: Cadets must have valid health insurance in the state of California. We need a copy of both the front and backside of the card. International and dual-citizens can purchase health insurance through the Academy. 
  • Medication Authorization Form: Please bring all medications; they will be placed in the Health Center under lock and key. Out-of-country medication is not allowed per FDA laws. Out-of-state medications require a California doctor to prescribe. We urge you to complete all Health Center requirements at least two weeks prior to your registration date. 

7. What if I cannot attend on the required date or arrive late?

  • Given the resource intensive nature of registration and move-in events, we greatly appreciate your effort to attend on the assigned date and time. 
  • We understand families sometimes have extenuating circumstances, so if something does occur, please notify the Office of Admission in advance. Once we receive notification, we can provide a new registration date that correlates with other registration events.
  • Due to the time and resources involved, if we are not notified of a change in advance, we will need to assess a late fee of $250. Thank you for making every effort to keep us informed. 

8. What should we bring?  

9. How much time will registration/move-in day take?

  • Families arriving between 8:30-9:30 should be able to complete the process by approximately 2:15. In some cases, it is a full day if there are missing requirements (e.g. physical exam, vaccinations, insurance, etc.) 

10. Do parents and families need to attend?  

  • At least one parent is required to accompany every Cadet on registration day. For international students, approved local contacts may accompany the Cadet (if billing and health requirements have been completed in advance). 

11. How do I complete the Contract and Payment?

  • What if I haven’t signed the enrollment contract? It was sent as a link in an email; however, if you need us to resend your contract, please call 760.547.5278 or send us an email. If you use Yahoo or Hotmail, it may go into your spam folder.
  • How do I get help filling out my contract? If you have technical questions, please contact Jon Rae at 760.547.5278.
  • How do I make payment? Please note that after completing the contract, there is a link to the Smart Tuition payment portal. This is where you set up your billing preferences. If you have any questions about Smart Tuition, please contact Maria Osuna.

12. Where can we find the Academy Calendar?

  • Here it is. You’ll receive a hard copy on registration/move-in day.

Questions Regarding Enrollment Contract or Registration/Move-in? 
Phone: 760.547.5278 

Questions Regarding Health Portal (Careflow) or required documents? 
Phone: 760.547.5213 

Questions Regarding Billing for Tuition, Incidentals, or Bookstore/Uniforms? 
Phone: 760.547.5266