We are excited to announce the Leader Cadets for the 2017-2018 school year!

These Cadets have worked hard and stood out in the classrooms, around campus, and at this year’s Leadership Candidate Course.

Many factors are considered when selecting leadership roles including: grade point average, citizenship, TAC officer evaluations, LCC evaluations, as well as observations throughout the year. With so many quality Cadets, the competition is fierce for the top positions of Battalion Commander, Command Sergeant Major, Adjutant, and many other popular positions.

These Cadets, carefully chosen, will set the stage for the Academy next year and will take on a significant role in the governance of the Corps of Cadets to fulfill the responsibilities of their assigned positions. They will mentor and lead all Cadets, inspiring them to exemplify good character, leadership, and followership.

Here are the leadership positions for the 2017-2018 school year:




Battalion Commander  LTC Drew Thomas
Battalion Executive Officer  MAJ Jacob Horwitz
Command Sergeant Major  CSM Yibo Bao
S-1, Administration Section          
S-1 Adjutant  CPT Geoffrey Li
S-2, Information Section        
S-2 Information and Security Officer  CPT Ryan Q Wang
S-3, Operations Section        
S-3 Operations Officer  MAJ Jack Pan
S-4, Logistics Section        
S-4 Quarter Master  CPT Noah Ross
S-5, Community Relations Section    
S-5 Community Relations  CPT James Chuang
S-6,  Cadet Admissions Section    
S-6 Cadet Admissions Officer  CPT Wyatt Duggan
Asst. S-6 Tour Officer  1LT Marcello Reynara
Provost Marshall    
Provost Marshall  CPT Jose Guerrero
Equal Opportunity Section      
EO Officer  CPT Will Stringham
International Student Liaison Office    
International Student LNO  CPT Daoshang Wang
Asst International Student LNO  1LT Jinrae Kim
Asst International Student LNO  1LT Ang Li
Campus Operations Office     
Campus Operations Officer  CPT Tyler Wagner
Asst Campus Operations Officer – Ops 1LT Nathan Delman
Information Technology Section     
Information Technology Off  CPT George Orsa
Day Student Liaison Office    
Day Student Liaison Officer  CPT Enoch Profancik
Cadet Chaplain’s Office    
Cadet Chaplain CPT Lance Fatiaki
Headquarters Company    
Company Commander CPT Juan Carlos Canahuate
Executive Officer  1LT   Ryan Wang
First Sergeant 1SG Hunter Edmond
1st Platoon 2LT Dylon Zipse
1st Platoon Sergeant SFC Larry Wu
Honor Guard Company    
Detachment Commander  CPT Derek Soon
First Sergeant 1SG Danylo Tsurkan
Stoll’s Guard OIC 1LT Alex Pavlov
Stoll’s Drill Team NCOIC SSG Colton Powers
Band Company    
Company Commander  CPT Genxian Hu
Asst Band Master MSG Brian Heuer (Junior)
Executive Officer  1LT    Daoshang Wang
First Sergeant  1SG  Dian Jing
Drum Major SGM Zhonghan Li
1st Platoon 2LT Trie Vo
1st Platoon Sergeant SFC Man Lun Chun
2nd Platoon 2LT Haotang Zhang
2nd Platoon Sergeant SFC Michail Lesin
Alpha Company    
Company Commander CPT Bruce Morrish
Executive Officer  1LT     Huachong Liu
First Sergeant  1SG Fuyin Wang
Training NCO  SFC Asmatullah Azizi
Admin/Log/InfoTech NCO SFC  
1st Platoon Leader  2LT Dowon Kim
2nd Platoon Leader  2LT Fernando Letimendi
Bravo Company    
Company Commander CPT Clayton Johns
Executive Officer  1LT Ryan McWhorter
First Sergeant  1SG Jefferson Kibbe
Training NCO SFC Alek Yaw
Admin/Log/InfoTech Officer SFC Alek Poulteroski
1st Platoon Leader  2LT Luka Kvinikadze
1st Platoon Sergeant  SFC Vito Durrant
2nd Platoon Leader  2LT David Dawson
2nd Platoon Sergeant  SFC Hewat-Lanier
Charlie Company    
Company Commander CPT Johnlord Sy
Executive Officer  1LT     Joshua Berkman
First Sergeant  1SG Henry Han
Training NCO  SFC Gilbert Oaks
Admin/Log/InfoTech Officer SFC Nathaniel Nguyen
1st Platoon Leader  2LT   Jack Contos
1st Platoon Sergeant  SFC John Hart
2nd Platoon Leader  2LT Yingda Yao
2nd Platoon Sergeant  SFC     Hoachen Xiang
Echo Company  (7th & 8th Grades)    
Company Commander CPT Michael Dallas
Executive Officer  1LT     Kellen Bruce
First Sergeant  1SG Emilio Dipp
Training NCO  SSG Wikei Zhou
Admin/Log/InfoTech NCO SFC Puria Guarikani
1st Platoon Leader  2LT   Max Wildman
1st Platoon Sergeant  SSG Zahour Khan