Peer CounselorsWe are proud to announce those Cadets named Peer Counselors for the 2015-16 school year.

The benefits of a Peer Counseling Program are paramount and are based on the fact that youth often seek out their peers when they are experiencing frustration, worry, or concern. Peer Counseling teaches students the decision-making skills necessary to help combat negative peer pressure, while also providing students with the communication skills to understand others, reduce loneliness, and support academic and personal achievement.

Peer Counselors are trained during a weekend intensive course that teaches counseling skills like listening, support, and conflict resolution. They are also trained to identify when a problem is too large to handle on their own and the proper protocol involved in notifying an adult.

Peer Counselors are selected by their peers through a school-wide survey. Students are asked to name other students who they would go to if they were in need, then those names are vetted by the school administration. Being named a Peer Counselor is an honor that comes with significant responsibility, and these Cadets well-prepared for the job.

To see the full list of Cadets named Peer Counselors, please visit our Merit Page.