Random Acts of Kindness Week 2015

Today is the start of International Random Acts of Kindness Week 2015! From February 9-15, people all over the world are encouraged to step out of their comfort zones and complete a random act of kindness each day.

Here at ANA, the Anti-Bullying Club and Peer Counselors are teaming up to spread kindness throughout campus. Each day, they’ll give Cadets, Teachers, and Staff a kindness mission to carry out – everything from complimenting someone who deserves it to sitting with someone new during lunch.

Why Should You Get Involved?

Everyone knows that being kind to others is the right thing to do, but did you know that researchers have found that acts of kindness benefit your personal health and society as a whole? According to the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation, “kindness is scientifically proven to boost health, happiness, and societal goodwill.”

Improving Your Community

A single random act of kindness can have a ripple effect throughout your community. Not only will the person you’re helping feel better, you’ll also feel good about yourself. It goes even further from here – the greatest effect actually happens to others who see your act of kindness.

It gives that person a sense of goodness, connecting him with his community and encouraging him to “pay it forward” by doing something kind for someone else. Your one act of kindness will almost certainly lead to many more throughout your community.

Improving your Health

Researchers have found links between kindness to others and these direct health benefits:

  • Increased lifespan
  • Protection against heart disease and high blood pressure
  • Greater energy levels
  • Lower rates of depression and anxiety

Get Started!