Spring Break Service Trip Cadet Roth Builds Homes in Mexico

How did you spend your spring break? Many students use the break from classes to relax and refresh for the final months of the school year. But, others, like Cadet Mason Roth, use this time to serve others and make a difference.

Building in Mexico

For the fourth year in a row, Cadet Roth joined the Community Presbyterian Church of Danville on a service trip to Mexico during his spring break.

He joined over 200 kids and 30 adult volunteers who built homes in Mexico for families in need. Throughout the trip, the volunteers sleep in tents and work long hours each day, using only hand tools to build the homes. They do all of the work by hand, from the foundation leveling, to pouring concrete, to roofing – literally building from the ground up. In just one week, the group built 15 houses.

When the homes are completed, they are presented to the families who would be living in them, along with a key and bible. This is a very emotional experience, since these homes are often the first that the families have ever known.

Character-Building Experience

The trip is a phenomenal character and faith-building experience for the volunteers. It opens their eyes to a new world, and shows them the tangible effects of their service. The feeling of seeing the families go into their new homes for the first time is unparalleled.

“It’s heartwarming to watch these kids clamor to go back year, after year, after year,” says Barbara Roth, Mason’s mother. “Many of these kids have the opportunity to travel with their families on much more posh trips, but instead they choose to serve people who need not just a shelter, but also an introduction to a group willing to demonstrate love.”