Cadets Stay Healthy and Active with Crossfit

How do Cadets stay active and physically fit if they’re not playing on one of our CIF or club athletic teams?

We have lots of physical training options, but one of the newest and most exciting ones is our Crossfit program.

Crossfit at ANA started with a small group of Cadets who participated under the direction of a TAC Officer. Thanks to a generous donation from Jason Anderson (Reid ’16), we were able to purchase equipment and hire professional trainers.

In the Fall of 2014, the Crossfit program was expanded to the entire Corps of Cadets. Two Navy SEALs regularly visited campus to train our Cadets and Staff to ensure their Crossfit workouts were safe and effective. Today, several companies regularly partcipate in Crossfit workouts with former U.S. Marine Pack Janes.

Here, TAC Officer Myers gives some more detail about Crossfit at ANA.

What is Crossfit?

A Crossfit workout, while comparatively short, is intense.  Whether on the field or at the beach, the Cadets are led through a program of challenging exercises.  They must not only rise to the occasion as individual athletes, but as well, must motivate each other to success, as many of the exercises are done in pairs.

Each workout is designed to focus not just on an isolated muscle or muscle group, but also on the proper usage of those muscles and muscle groups in controlled movement.  Facilitators pay special attention to proper form of each movement and provide instruction for it at every opportunity.

IMG_3456Goals of the Program

We have several goals for the Cadets as they matriculate through the Crossfit program.  We, of course, want to see them improve upon their existing physical abilities in both strength and flexibility.  We also want them to learn various and diverse exercises and the proper technique for their implementation.

Additionally, we want to provide an opportunity for Cadets to set goals of development and to work hard for the realization of those goals.  We want them to struggle, to work hard, to possibly falter, but to try again until ultimately they succeed.  The Crossfit program at ANA is a key aspect of our mission of educating and developing young men of good character.

The ultimate goal is that the Cadets will continue to care for their bodies after they graduate from the Academy as autonomous and independent adults.  Physical health and activity is so important, and we hope that this program instills those healthy habits in our Cadets.

Post updated November 11, 2015.