The Army and Navy Academy Surf Team hit the waves again, this time in La Jolla on Sunday, Jan 11th. It rained most of the day and the air was chilly with medium to small sets of waves crumbling over the medium 2 ½’ – 3’ tide range.

A somewhat small and shallow day with lengthy intervals allowed the surfers time to pick out the tricky shoulders, with an occasional well-formed swell that you had to be in the right place for in order to score well.

ANA had a strong showing despite the absence of two of our proficient surfers, one of which (Juan Basave) held his own last competition but regretful fell to injury just prior to the contest.

The team consisted of 5 Cadets, and Coral McDuffee riding both long and short boards and representing our school for the women’s division.  Also in attendance and in great form was Sage Creek’s Avery Johnson who surfed very well for us last year, and we greatly appreciate their choice to represent the Army and Navy Academy!

Our motivated team of Cadets for the day consisted of Charlie MacNamara, Mark McKee, and Austin Grice all in the men’s shortboard division, and Jake Fain along with Noah Ross in the men’s Longboard division. Noah Ross also competed in the bodyboard division. All surfers did very well, advancing up to several rounds and even to the quarter finals, and represented their school very well.

Noah Ross who placed 5th in the bodyboard division, and Coral McDuffee went on to win woman’s longboard and place 2nd in woman’s shortboard!

All surfers did a fantastic job and we are looking forward to the next meet which will be held right here at Army and Navy Academy.  We anticipate having even three more Cadets added to the roster as it will be very exciting to host the Scholastic Surf Series here on our challenging sandbar!

Womens Shortboard

  1. Avery Johnson, Sage Creek
  2. Coral McDuffee, Army Navy Academy
  3. Ella Frazee, Waldorf SD
  4. Kristen Rosier, Steele Canyon
  5. Mikayla Williamson, Granite Hills
  6. Katherine Fandy, Sage Creek

Womens Longboard

  1. Coral McDuffee, Army Navy Academy
  2. Jennifer Irving, Francis Parker
  3. Avery Johnson, Sage Creek
  4. Mikayla Williamson, Granite Hills
  5. Ella Frazee, Waldorf SD
  6. Cheyenne Kahlick, Granite Hills


  1. Ian Phelps, Sage Creek
  2. Jacob Champlin, Classical Academy
  3. Ryan Hurst, High Tech
  4. Alex Heyman, La Jolla Country Day
  5. Noah Ross, Army Navy Academy
  6. Ely Lerum, Serra

See ALL of the official results for the day here.