The Surf Team started winter competition last  Sunday, November 23 at San Fernando Place. It was a beautiful morning for competition, though the wind picked up early and the tide was not in total favor until about 11:00 am.
There were waves, though conditions seemed tricky for the surfers (particularly the short-boarders) that morning when the heats for both surfers began at quite a high tide.
We had Juan Basave as the lone and very eager Cadet who was able to be here during holiday vacation. We also had Coral McDuffee from Oceanside representing ANA for the women’s heat. Special thanks to Jill Silver for standing in as a last moment and essential chaperone to make it at all possible.
Juan’s first heat at 8:15 am proved to be good for him as he advanced on to the second round.  He was then unfortunately eliminated in round 2 at around 11:45 am. Coral also advanced, but not to make it to the final 6 according to the official results. By then, the wind was making the conditions quite difficult, so wave selection and entry was challenging for all.  Nonetheless, a great effort by both surfers.
We’re looking forward to the next contest and showing up with a fully committed team along with these two surfers who represented us very well!