The Senior Well and Senior Lawn

Written by Enoch Profancik

Army and Navy academy Senior WellThe Academy has kept up with modern times over the past century, but we still enjoy the rich history and strong traditions from our past. One of our favorite places and series of traditions centers around the senior well and lawn, with our verdant fig tree as the umbrella.

Now, for a bit of history….The history of the Senior Well and Lawn dates back to 1936 when the school was relocated to Carlsbad. Once the Apple Inn, the old inn was quickly transformed into a boarding school campus for boys.

The First Class (Senior Class) of 1937 used the area located around the old wishing well as a place to sit down and enjoy some quiet time. This area soon became a popular spot for seniors and, by tradition, no lower classmen were permitted on the lawn and garden. In 1976, the graduating class dedicated the lawn and garden around the well as “The Senior Lawn” and even today, the tradition still holds, that only seniors may use the lawn.

When anyone, other than a senior uses the Senior Lawn, the tradition was the person who used it would be dunked into the well. Thank goodness, we no longer follow this tradition!

Another tradition is that the gate leading out of the garden must only be opened once a year to allow the senior class to walk through when they graduate. During commencement and graduation at Army and Navy Academy, the Senior Lawn is filled by the seniors as they sing the Alma Mater. The senior class then all remove their hats and, by tradition, toss them in the air. This is an emotional culmination of hard work and often ends with brotherhood hugs and some tears. As seniors depart, they then proceed to walk out of the gate of the Senior Garden, signifying that their transition from the Academy to the outside world.

Army Navy Academy Senior Well Class of 2016-01

Army and Navy Academy is educating, mentoring, and developing good character and leadership in tomorrow’s leaders. Graduates from the Class of 2016 are heading off to great colleges and universities, including: UCLA, UCI, UCSB, UC Berkeley, Rutgers, Penn, Cornell, and many others.


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