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Associated Student Body (ASB) Overview

At Army and Navy Academy, leadership is one of the pillars of the education that we strive to instill in our Cadets. Cadets at the Academy are able to participate in the Associated Student Body (ASB) as class officers or ASB officers. Throughout the year, they make important decisions for their peers that involve activities, excursions, class memoirs, and privileges. These officers are elected by the Corps in the spring and take office in the fall of the new year.

In addition, ASB organizes and plans several events, competitions, special outings, and community service projects in which the Cadets participate. The Cadets at Army and Navy Academy are able to enjoy themselves through social connections, company challenges, engagement with other schools, and have many opportunities to make new friends during these activities. Some of the activities that Cadets participate in each year include:


Cadets sign up for two or more clubs that they are interested in each semester, thus we have 100% participation each semester. We have over 20 diverse clubs here on campus that seek to reach every Cadet interest and Cadets are encouraged to start their own clubs as well. Almost all of our clubs have been initiated by ideas given to the ASB Director by the Cadets. Click here for a list of clubs and their description. View Club Offerings

Class Trips

Throughout the year, Army and Navy Academy Cadets build their bonds of brotherhood through various social activities that they do with their friends, companies, and classes outside of campus activities. These activities vary each year and are voted on by the Cadets. Over the years, Cadets have gone to places like Dave & Buster’s, Boomers, Knott’s Berry Farm, the movies, bowling, the trampoline park, and paintballing, to name a few. They enjoy these activities as they are able to spend time with friends, socialize, and participate in activities that take them outside of campus.

Class Meetings

Class meetings are held at various dates throughout the year in order to discuss important dates, events, and ideas within each class. The senior class has the most critical job during these meetings as they have many more decisions to make in their final year at the Academy than the other classes. Some of these tasks include senior ring design, senior flag design, senior privileges, and social outings solely for the senior class.

community serviceCommunity Service Involvement

Various clubs on campus participate in community service projects or events throughout the year. Some examples are: the Interact Club sponsoring the snack bar at the Veteran’s Day parade and organizing the Pasta for Pennies program to fundraise for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society; the California Scholarship Federation club volunteering at the San Diego soup kitchen and volunteering at the San Diego Humane Society’s walk for animals; JROTC classes doing a canned food drive, diaper drive, and other important events that help those in need; the Key Club sponsors three blood drives on campus each year where Cadets, faculty, staff, and community members participate to help save lives with their donations.

Campus Events

ASB puts on many campus events throughout the year, especially around the holidays, such as the Halloween costume contest, holiday door decorating contest, holiday tug-o-war competition, and dances in the fall and spring, where Cadets can bring a guest.

School Dances

The ASB puts on two dances per year. The first dance of the year occurs in the fall during Autumn Ball Weekend. The Autumn Ball begins with the Grand March of our Cadet leaders into Duffield Sports Center. The other dance is held during Warrior Family Weekend in March. Girls who plan on attending dances at ANA must fill out a permission slip and bring their school ID. Please see the permission slip link for Dress Code as well.

If you have any questions regarding dances and/or policies, please contact the Dean of Academics, Ethan Segovia by email or by calling 760.547.5199.

Senior Events

ASB is also in charge of putting on the many senior events throughout the year. Every year, the senior class has money allocated to them for specific “fun” activities. The seniors vote on these activities at the beginning of the year, and the events are organized by the ASB Director and senior class advisors. Some of these events include: MMA event, Lakers game, Clippers game, waterslide day, GamerCon San Diego, Knott’s Berry Farm trip, Padres game, Dodgers game, paintballing, Dave & Buster’s visit, bowling, and movies.

The seniors also partake in special moments that are specifically put on to celebrate them:

Senior well photo and senior dinner
The seniors don their Senior Whites for the first time and take the traditional Senior Well photo on the lawn. This is a time-honored tradition that is a very special day for the senior class. Afterwards, they enjoy a sit-down dinner off campus.
Grad Night
The senior class votes on a place to attend Grad Night and over the years, they have attended Disney’s California Adventure, Magic Mountain, and Universal Studios. They spend the evening with thousands of other seniors from all over the state and enjoy their last moments together to celebrate their brotherhood before they graduate.
Senior Ring Ceremony and Autumn Ball
The Senior Ring Ceremony is a long-standing tradition that honors the dedication and commitment of our senior class. The senior Cadets design their own class ring and are presented with the final product at the ceremony in front of their family and friends. Immediately after, all high school Cadets attend the Grand March and Autumn Ball, which is our first and most formal dance of the year. The Cadets choose a theme, decorate, and participate in the festivities and ladies from local high schools are welcome to accompany our Cadets.
Senior & Parent Dinner
The night before graduation is a special one at the Army and Navy Academy. Friends and families gather with their Cadets along with faculty, staff, alumni, and administration to celebrate their senior year and look back at the previous years spent at the Academy. It is a time to reminisce on great memories, share current wisdom, and look to the bright future awaiting each Cadet in their path after leaving The Academy.

The evening includes dinner, a guest speaker, recognitions of the “Lifers” (those that spend all six years at ANA), a slide show showcasing the growth of the Cadets, a Cadet-created video made for their loved ones, recognition of Honor Council and ASB officers, and finally, an inspiring send off from the General.

Dance Permission Slip: Click here!