Boys Boarding Schools in Southern California

Educating Through an All Boys Boarding School Experience

Army and Navy Academy is the only military boys boarding school on the West Coast of the United States

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Entering Grade  

The Warrior Experience is a combination of:

  1. College-prep curriculum, with a focus on how boys learn and engage
  2. Leadership education, incorporating principles and practices from JROTC
  3. Challenging Athletics, including CIF and Team Sports
  4. Engagement through Clubs, Weekend Activities, and Community Service

The combination of these three education fundamentals help our boarding school students reach their full potential, while preparing them for the future.

Army and Navy Academy, located in Southern California, has over 100 years’ of experience as a boys boarding school. Because of this, our teachers and administrators are experts on the ways that boys learn best. We use techniques designed specifically for the for the minds of boys, including interactive lessons, movement in the classroom, and the addition of healthy competition in learning projects.

From the moment his feet hit the ground at ANA, he has completely subscribed to the process. It’s not to say, he’s not had his share of struggles, he has; yet, the counselors administration, teachers, and his peers have been there every step of the way with a patient and guiding hand.  The school provides ample opportunity for anyone willing to persevere for their future.

~ Kip K., Parent of a Cadet in the Class of 2017


Educating Tomorrow’s Leaders: Young Men, Grades 7-12



Boys follow a unique learning curve, which can be enhanced with a curriculum designed specifically for boys. A structured day that allows for physical movement and values cognitive, emotional, and social development greatly increases the rate of growth for boys.

These strategies, along with our military structure and JROTC curriculum, help boys develop value systems and leadership skills including confidence, motivation, resilience, independence, and self-discipline.

A Gurian Model School

Army and Navy Academy has been a leader in boys education and continues to develop its already strong single-gender identity. The Academy was recently designated as a “Gurian Model School”, after completing extensive training and exemplifying the principles of single-gender education. The Gurian Institute is an internationally recognized organization dedicated to studying the brain-based differences between boys and girls. It also trains teachers and parents to help them use those differences to help young people learn to their fullest potential.

The Army and Navy Academy serves as a model to other boys boarding schools and day schools seeking to develop or continue their single-gender programs. >>Learn more about Gurian Institute Training