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Benefits of Military School Education

As a private military school with a JROTC program, Army and Navy Academy educates with a set of core values inside and outside of the classroom.

With over 100 years of single-gender military school experience, the Army and Navy Academy is an internationally recognized college prep boarding and day school for boys. A military school education offers a challenging college-prep curriculum, combined with character and leadership development programs.

Honesty • Integrity • Respect • Responsibility • Compassion • Gratitude

Historically, JROTC programs were designed to prepare students for the military.  This is no longer the case.  Today, JROTC education “prepares students for responsible future leadership roles, while making them aware of individual rights, responsibilities, and privileges as American citizens.” 

Emphasis is placed on personal responsibility, which in turn leads to community awareness and civic engagement. JROTC truly provides a life skills curriculum. Research has shown that military school JROTC programs have proven to be exceptionally effective in developing resilience, independence, confidence, motivation, and self-discipline.

Military school taught me the important ingredients for success – how to lead and be confident in everything that I do.

~ Alex Davis ’16

What Defines a Strong Leader?

He is inspirational and a role model for others, setting the tone for all those around him, and promoting values and good character. Formal leadership education is the key to developing this important skill, and it’s what we specialize in at Army and Navy Academy.

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Benefits to a Military School Education

A military school education focuses on several areas, including the traditional core classes, like math and science; leadership training based on the JROTC curriculum and character development. There is a clear connection between character development and academic success, which is why Army and Navy emphasizes an honor code, peer counseling, and leadership challenges.

Because students live on campus, teachers have more time to help their students succeed in class. They are available after school for tutorial and evening office hours to spend time with students who’d like extra instruction or assistance to supplement classroom time. In addition, the Counseling Department helps Cadets keep their academic and college goals on track. A structured daily schedule helps motivate Cadets to set goals and manage their time effectively, with a balance between academics, sports, clubs, and leadership activities.

To hear from one of our Cadets directly, read Words of Wisdom from Vanness Zhu ’16, who discusses his experience as a leader at the Army and Navy Academy since the 7th grade.