COVID-19 Updates

Based on the demographic dynamic of our Cadets, the uniqueness of a boarding school environment, and to protect our community and preserve our academic program, we have decided on a phased approach to the remainder of the second semester.  Army and Navy Academy has decided to close its campus classrooms and move to a remote learning model.  As this situation evolves, we will have a better idea of when in-person classes will resume.

Read the full letter and details of this decision from President, MG Arthur Bartell here.

Students and parents will be receiving follow up emails from the Academic Office, Counseling Office, and individual teachers in the coming days and weeks. Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions to help answer some common questions Cadets and families might have.


Latest Communication Updates to Cadets and Families:

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Is Army and Navy Academy's campus closed?
Yes, Army and Navy Academy’s campus is closed to everyone except essential personnel.
When will Cadets return to campus?

Campus will be closed to all Cadets until further notice.  We will provide all Cadets and families notice at least one week in advance for when to return to campus.

What if I left books or school supplies that I need on campus?

No Cadets will be permitted on campus until further notice.  We know that many Cadets have left books on campus and teachers are preparing their courses accordingly.

If there are other items you must retrieve on campus please contact Operations at 760.547.5228

When will remote classes begin?

The first day of online classes will be Monday, March 23rd. Details on accessing course content will be provided the week of March 16th. Please allow us this time to prepare answers to any academic questions you may have. It is imperative that all Cadets are checking their emails on a consistent basis as this has been and will continue to be the main mode of communication. If your family is unable to accommodate a remote learning environment, please contact Malcolm Muter at

How will remote learning take place?

It is vital for all Cadets to be utilizing their emails for all academic communications. This is not only where they access emails, but also their Google Classrooms for each class, Google Hangouts, and other virtual learning tools. Online classes will officially begin on Monday, March 23rd. Cadets will be expected to stay current on all assignments, and parents/guardians are encouraged to check Google Classroom for information on all coursework and Aeries for current grades. Links to Google Classroom will be shared by each teacher next week. Our faculty will be updating grade books by 4 pm on Tuesdays and 11:30 am on Fridays. We realize that many Cadets left their textbooks on campus and teachers are planning accordingly to ensure digital resources are available through Google Classroom. 

Find the complete message regarding remote learning from the Dean of Academics here. 

What about athletics?

All athletics are canceled until campus reopens. Athletic facilities are closed to all students, including user groups.

All Cadets should incorporate time into their day to exercise and stay healthy.

Is the Academy recommending that International Cadets go home or remain in the US?

At this time there are too many external factors effecting the situation to make a recommendation for international Cadets traveling home. If you have the resources available, it is our desire for international Cadets to remain in the United States. We anticipate there may be significant challenges returning to the US, to include a potential 14 day quarantine upon return.

What is the Academy doing to support Cadets emotionally?

The Army and Navy Academy is a unique, supportive community—distance will not change that. As always, Cadets should reach out to faculty, counselors, and the Dean if they find themselves needing extra support. Counselors from the Counseling Office will continue to support Cadets remotely as needed. Cadets can contact their individual counselors.

Find the complete message from the Counseling Department here.

What can parents do to help the Academy stay healthy?
Are Closed Weekends & Events still happening?
What is the status of Alumni Weekend?

With the extension of the stay at home order and with the Academy’s decision to not have Cadets return to campus this academic year, we have decided to postpone Alumni Weekend celebrations to April 2021.  We are so sad to not have the opportunity to reunite with all of you this year but we hope that you and your families are staying safe!  

We understand that many of you have already purchased tickets for this year’s Alumni Weekend and we want to do our best to accomodate you during this time.  Please contact our office to discuss how to handle any tickets purchases. 

What is the tuition for the 2020-2021 school year?

The Academy will hold the tuition rates the same as the 2019-2020 academic year.  We understand that this has been a challenging year for most of our families and please know that the Academy is here to help.  

In addition to the tuition rates remaining the same, the Academy will waive many of the additional fees for the 2020-2021 academic year. Families will not be required to pay additional fees, such as ANAPA, Athletics, Health Center, and Yearbook. Please note, however, that the Associated Student Body (ASB) fee will still need to be paid from your incidental balance as the Cadets rely on this fee to fund their campus activities during the year.

The Academy wants to ease any tuition concerns that families may have during these unusual times.  For those families who may need additional resources, we would encourage you to apply for financial assistance. The deadline to apply has been pushed to June 1, 2020.   Notifications regarding financial assistance award decisions will be made by June 15, 2020. Click here to learn about Financial Assistance.