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Operations Office

Located at the center of campus, the Operations Office is the hub for critical functions on campus, providing 24/7 support and security for all students and parents.

The campus is supervised 24 hours a day, seven days a week by the Operations and Security Staff — TAC Officers and Weekend Security Officers ensure our Cadets and campus are secure, and the Operations Office is always staffed and ready to act in case of emergency.

Your Cadet’s TAC Officer is the first point of contact for all parents who may have a question about their Cadet’s living situation, discipline record, emergencies, or other Cadet Life issues.  Our TAC Officers are on duty from 2:00 – 10:30pm (PT) Mon. – Thurs, with more variable hours on Fri. and Sat.

In the event of an emergency when your son’s Company TAC is NOT on duty, please contact the Operations Office at:


For more information on our safety and security procedures, please consult the Cadet Guidebook.

The safety and security of the Army and Navy Academy community is one of the school’s top priorities. The Academy regularly reviews its protocols and procedures, and trains Cadets, Faculty, and Staff to ensure that those procedures are up to date and effective. Safety drills are conducted throughout the year to reinforce this training.

The Operations Office Also Manages:

  • Message and package delivery to Cadets
  • Campus Attendance
  • Assist Parents with Cadet pick-up
  • Liaison between Residential Life Officers and Cadets/Parents

~ Pamela R. (Parent)

“A wonderful place for boys to learn leadership, responsibility, character and the many skills needed to become engaged, purposeful and contributing citizens and young men of tomorrow! ANA is providing my son opportunities to be the best he can be and as an ANA parent I could not be more pleased with our experience.”