College Counseling

With acquired life skills such as: independence, resiliency, responsibility, and a firm understanding of the principles and practices of leadership, we are proud to be invested in the education and training of tomorrow’s leaders.

The Academy boasts impressive matriculation to renowned institutions such as: UCLA, UC Berkeley, UCSB, UCI, UC Davis, UCSD, NYU, Cornell, University of Michigan, and Cal Maritime, as well as top service services academies: West Point, Annapolis, and U.S. Coast Guard Academy (see details about our college matriculation).

As our graduates head off to prestigious colleges, universities, and service academies, they do so with a greater sense of identity, purpose, and moral grounding.

Quick Links for Seniors

Campus Life

~ Alex H. (Alumnus)

“This is not a school. It’s an institution for life, success, cultural intelligence and relationships. The range of diversity of cadets allowed me to grow with others of all different backgrounds. I honestly use what I learned at Army Navy more in my everyday life than my college education.”

Success Plan for the College Application Process

The college application process has become increasingly complicated and stressful in the last several years as more and more students are applying. Therefore, it is imperative that high school juniors begin the initial college search process in the later part of their junior year and the summer before their senior year.

First, we recommend that Cadets create a list of schools they are interested in applying to:

  • 3 Reach Schools – where your son’s GPA and test scores are slightly below the average for that school
  • 3 Target Schools – where your son’s GPA and test scores are at the average for that school
  • 3 Likely Schools – where your son’s GPA and test scores fall above the average for that school

The KEYS to successfully applying to colleges are organization and follow-through — to help Army and Navy Academy students in these key areas, we hold several workshops for both Cadets and Parents.

We always strive to guide your son through the college application process and in determining a best fit college and/or career.

Requesting Your Transcript

To request a transcript, please:

1) call the registrar, Tammy Clark at 760.547.5191; or

2) email Tammy; or

3) download the Transcript Request Form and fax to 760.434.1890

Any questions? Contact one of our college counselors:

Brittany Siegel

Brittany Siegel
Lead Counselor
Last Names C-O

Tina Benedict

Tina Benedict
Last Names A-B, P-Z