Daily Bulletin


February 24, 2021

Morning Prep Schedule

0645 Reveille
0645-0800 I Mess
0800 Formation/Morning Colors
0815 Classes Begin

Class Schedule

0815-0930 Period 1
0930-0945 Break
0945-1100 Period 2
1100-1115 Break
1115-1230 Period 3
1230-1400 II Mess


Afternoon/Evening Schedule

1400-1445 PM Tutorial
1450-1535 Period 0 (Select Grades ONLY) / MS PT
1545-1645 Physical Training (PT)
1700-1830 Free Time / III Mess
1845-2100 Accountability / CQ / Faculty Office Hours
2100-2200 TAC Time
2300 Lights Out

Uniform of the Day:  Class A

Meal Menu:

II Mess: Kung Pao Chicken, Jasmine Rice                    

III Mess: Sweet and Sour Pork and Steamed Rice                                  

I Mess:  Huevos Rancheros                                                                   


Social Distancing 

Please make sure you are washing your hands regularly and continue to wear your mask.

ANA International Cultural Week

Today we have TWO Cultural Celebrations! 

Black History Month Celebration will be during Mess II 

The Cadet Leader for this event will be Adam Friedman

  • During your lunch break, there will be a Black History Month Activity led by your Cadet Leader, Adam Friedman. 

  • Throughout lunch, you will see the Black History Month posters that highlight distinguished Black Activists and Leaders around campus.

  •  These posters have all the information about these important Black Heroes, except their name. 

  • You will need to find out who they are! 

  • The cadet that guesses the most posters correctly, receives an award. 

  • All answers must be submitted to Ms. Amber in the Academics Office 

  • Your reward will be in the academic office and your name/s will be announced in the next Daily Bulletin! Good luck!  


Lunar New Year Celebration during CQ

Xin Nian Kuai Le – Gong Xi Fa Cai

Happy Lunar New Year and Year of the Ox!

The International Liaison Leaders for this event will be Shinnosuke Sato, Mu-en Hsu, and Sungto Zhao

Lunar New Year is the most important holiday and it marks the beginning of spring in the Lunar calendar. Tonight, we will have our  ANA Lunar New Year Celebration at ANA Beach during CQ. The leaders for this event will showcase the Lunar New Year Lanterns, Chinese Calligraphy, Chopstick games, and more! 

Chef Frank will serve a specialty lunch for Black History Month During Mess II and  Kung Pao Chicken with Jasmine Rice during Mess III.

Cross Country 2021

XC Athletes- The ANA XC Lagoon Race will be tomorrow, Thursday, February 25th at 1515 pm after JPA. Pick up your uniforms after lunch and we will leave campus by 1515. The race begins at 1545.

Come Cheer our XC Warriors on the 25th! Warrior XC Strong!

Junior Statesmen of America

Interested in bolstering your college application by showing colleges you are politically engaged and civic-minded? Come to the JSA meeting today in room 108 during lunch. 

National Honor Society

Today there will be a National Honor Society meeting from 1:30-2 in Dr. Cowen’s classroom (room 201).

Black History Fact

 Garrett Augustus Morgan (1877-1963), one the country’s most successful African-American inventors, created two – the gas mask and the three-position traffic signal.

Born in the last quarter of the nineteenth century to former slaves, Garrett A. Morgan was only formally educated to a sixth-grade level.  Fortunately, like many great inventors, Morgan had an innate mechanical mind that enabled him to solve problems. And, unlike most other inventors, he also was a skilled entrepreneur.

But Morgan’s most prolific accomplishments came in his role as an inventor.  He received a patent for the first gas mask invention in 1914, but it wasn’t until two years later that the idea really took off. When a group of workers got stuck in a tunnel below Lake Erie after an explosion, Morgan and a team of men donned the masks to help get them out. After the rescue was a success, requests for the masks began pouring in.

Similarly, Garrett Morgan’s other famous invention – the traffic signal – was also invented to help save lives. After witnessing an accident on a roadway, Morgan decided a device was needed to keep cars, buggies and pedestrians from colliding. His traffic signal was designed to stand on a street corner and notify vehicles and walkers whether they should stop or go.  After receiving a patent in 1923, the rights to the invention were eventually purchased by General Electric. 

Prior to his invention, most traffic signs in use had only two positions: stop and go. These manually operated two-position signals were an improvement over uncontrolled intersections, but because they allowed no interval between stop and go commands, collisions at busy intersections were common.

Ms. Coe’s Corner:

Be inspired by others. Be an inspiration to others. And don’t forget to be kind!

 Segovia Says:                                                                                                

  “I’m not concerned with your liking or disliking me…all I ask is that you respect me as a human being.”

– Jackie Robinson