Daily Bulletin

Friday-Sunday Weekend Activities
SEPTEMBER 18-20, 2020


1500-1800 Beach
1500-1900 Pool
1500-2200 Rec Hall Open
1830-2030 Weight Room Open
2300 Taps

Saturday, Sept. 19

1000-2200 Rec Hall Open
1100-1700 Beach Open with Free Surf Lessons 1200-1400
1300-1700 Weight Room
1300-2100 Pool Open with Free Swim Lessons
1800-2000 Ping Pong Tournament in Davis Hall
1800-2100 Movie in Davis Hall
2300 Taps

Sunday, Sept. 20

1100-1800 Beach Open with Free Surf Lessons
0000-0000 Pool closed
1100-2000 Rec Hall Open
1300 Chargers vs Chiefs game in the Rec Hall
1300-1600 Weight Room
1700-1830 Sunday Service at Duffield
2200 Taps



Upcoming Activites

Dodgeball Tournament: Davis Hall, Oct. 3rd, Team sign ups @the Rec. Hall, Costco Pizza Party for winning team.

CPR Training and Certification: Oct. 17th & 18th, Cost $40.

Junior Lifeguard Program: See Shane Larsen for details. 

     Equipment is available for check out at the Rec. Hall.


    Coming Soon!