Daily Bulletin

Morning Prep Schedule

0700 Reveille
0715-0815 I Mess
0735 Day Cadets Report on Campus
0745 Formation/Morning Colors
0845 Classes Begin

Class Schedule

0720-0800 Period 0
0800-0835 Tutorial
0845-0955 Period 4
0955-1010 Break
1010-1120 Period 5
1125-1235 Period 6 (grades 9-12)


Afternoon/Evening Schedule

1235-1315 Formation/II Mess
1300-1500 Local Liberty
1300 Athletics (grades 9-12)
1300 Day Cadets May Depart (grades 7-8)
1700-1800 III Mess
1830 Formation/Retreat/Evening Colors
2230 TAPS
2300 Lights Out

Based on the demographic dynamic of our Cadets, the uniqueness of a boarding school environment, and to protect our community and preserve our academic program, we have decided on a phased approach to the remainder of the second semester. Army and Navy Academy has decided to close its campus classrooms and move to a remote learning model. As this situation evolves, we will have a better idea of when in-person classes will resume.

For more information on our latest coronavirus response, click here.


Cadets should be utilizing their anawarriors.org emails for all academic communications.

Learn more about our transition to remote learning in the letter from our Dean of Academics and see the schedule below. 

Remote Learning Schedule

Cadet Daily Academic Schedule: Monday – Thursday (All times PST)


0830 – 0900 Cadets check in with teachers via @anawarriors.org Gmail or as instructed in Google Classroom (Attendance)
0900 New Assignments posted at 0900 (will be due by 1030 on specified day)
0830 – 1130 Teachers available for Cadet questions (Expect responses within 30 mins)
1030 All Assignments due (teachers will specify due dates)
Afternoon Cadets can expect 3-4 hours of daily academic work. Teachers are available at specific times that will be posted in their Google Classrooms
Evening Each teacher and counselor will be available one night in addition to the daily hours they offer as support.


All athletics are canceled until campus reopens. Athletic facilities are closed to all students, including user groups.

All Cadets should incorporate time into their day to exercise and stay healthy.