Daily Bulletin

JANUARY 21, 2020

Morning Prep Schedule

0700 Reveille
0715-0815 I Mess
0735 Day Cadets Required to Report on Campus
0745 Formation/Morning Colors
0845 Classes Begin

Class Schedule

0720-0800 Period 0
0800-0835 Tutorial
0845-0935 Period 1
0940-1030 Period 2
1030-1045 Break
1045-1135 Period 3
1140-1230 Period 4
1230-1310 Formation/II Mess
1315-1405 Period 5
1410-1500 Period 6 (Grades 9-12)
1410-1500 Middle School PT
1515-1630 High School PT


Afternoon/Evening Schedule

1500-2045 Library Open
Closed (1630-1645)
1515-1730 Athletics (Grades 9-12)
1600-1815 Local Liberty (Leaders)
1600 Day Cadets May Depart
(Grades 7-8)
1700 Day Cadets May Depart
(Grades 9-12, non-Athletes)
1700-2000 Counseling Evening Office Hours (Ms.  Siegel)
1730-1815 III Mess
1830 Formation/Retreat/Evening Colors
1845-2045 CQ/Evening Study Hall
1845-2045 Faculty Evening Office Hours
2100-2200 TAC Time
2200 TAPS
2230 Lights Out

Uniform of the Day:
Class B


Meal Menu:
II Mess: Roast Chicken Tostada
III Mess: Center-cut Pork Chops
I Mess: French Toast


Faculty Evening Office Hours
Mr. Contreras, Mr. Hall, Mr. Johnson, Mr. Lugo, Mr. Muter, Dr. Tsou

Segovia Says
If you are interested in helping setup Black History month events, please see Ms. Ramirez or Mr. Segovia!

Counselors Off Campus
Ms. Siegel, Mrs. Morgan, and Mrs. Benedict are off campus on the California College Tour until Thursday. If you need help with something, Mrs. Tucker will be available for all Cadets. The HS counselors will be checking emails periodically if you do have a question.  

Tardy-Tutorial Reminder
Gentlemen, please keep in mind, if you are tardy (3) times you will earn a Saturday Detention. In addition to Saturday Detention, if you miss (9) tutorials, you will earn an SO. Please be responsible and always report on time.