Testimonials and Referrals

Thank You for Your Testimonials and Referrals

Testimonials and Referrals“It amazes me that this whole thing started with a casual conversation Eric had with Carol Ann. You see, he had started ninth grade at our local public high school and suddenly found himself in classes with 40 other students. The teachers seemed unresponsive to his needs and he felt like he was being herded through a system that didn’t have resources, time, or frankly the desire to pay attention to him….Eric found Army and Navy Academy online a couple of weeks later…I can’t tell you how proud of him we are. He loves the school and I believe he truly understands he is learning far more valuable lessons at ANA than just the school work.”

-John Tucker, Parent

We welcome you to share your stories and insights with us. Whether it is the story of a cadet improving his grades, an acceptance by a major university, or the winning of a CIF championship, these are the kinds of triumphs that we share in our school community.

The impact is immeasurable. This year alone, almost half of our new Cadets discovered the Academy through personal referrals. Over the course of our 100 year history, our fine reputation and enrollment continues to grow.

The caliber of Cadets is improving each year, with an outstanding roster of graduates attending prestigious colleges, universities and service academies.

Perhaps you know someone who can benefit from the Army and Navy Academy experience. We all know that the Academy can be a turning point for many boys, so thank you for making a difference.

To send us a referral, please contact the Office of Admission by phone at 760-547-5286 or by email.

If you would like to share your own Army and Navy Academy story, please contact Admissions.

Your stories become our history, a history of changing young men’s lives.

Candace Heidenrich
Director of Admission