Camp Challenge Leadership Development Program

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Camp Challenge Leadership Development Program

$2,995 per session
Co-ed, Entering Grades 6-8
Session 1: 7/1/18 – 7/14/18
Session 2: 7/15/18 – 7/28/18

Providing leadership instruction and opportunities that build a solid foundation for your camper’s future, the Camp Challenge: Leadership Development Program (LDP) is designed for middle school students beginning to explore their leadership potential. Specifically dedicated to those who are interested in developing new or enhancing existing leadership skills this camp presents formal leadership training through classroom instruction, community service, and hands-on experiential learning opportunities.

Camp Challenge: LDP Summer Cadets will attain invaluable life skills while taking part in group lessons, recreation activities, and experiential team challenges promoting development of self-confidence, accountability, discipline, respect, and other traits that set the foundations of success.

LDP Basic:

This “Introduction to Leadership” camp is designed for middle school Summer Cadets interested in exploring their leadership potential and enhancing existing leadership skills while learning the fundamentals of citizenship.  LDP Summer Cadets pick up invaluable life skills through fun activities and adventure-based challenges that reinforce teamwork, accountability, discipline, respect, and other traits, setting their foundation for success.

LDP Advanced

Available only to Summer Cadets that have completed the required LDP Basic course, this level of LDP consists of a more advanced curriculum in leadership combined with an introduction to subjects that will help prepare Summer Cadets for high school.  As with all Camp Challenge camps, LDP Advanced focuses on the Core Values of Honor, Integrity, Responsibility, Loyalty, and Selfless Service.

LDP Combination: $4,995
Co-ed, Entering Grades 6-8
Session 1: 7/1/18-7/28/18

For Summer Cadets interested in the opportunity to complete basic and advanced courses, this option provides both during the four-week session.

Program Outline

Dedicated participants complete approximately 120 hours of leadership training.  Below is a general outline of subject matter and activities your Summer Cadet can expect from Camp Challenge LDP program this summer:

  • Being a Leader of Peers
  • Avoiding and Resolving Conflict
  • Study Skills and Strategies
  • Community Service
  • Physical Training
  • Team Building Challenges