Campus Life

Nestled along the beach in Southern California, our unique location provides an awesome backdrop for Cadets’ time at Army and Navy Academy. We’ve built an entire experience around the needs of boys that is engaging, exciting, and relevant.

It’s fast. It’s fun. It’s a new adventure every day.

~ Alumnus

“The whole environment of the school is what I’ll remember most, being by the ocean with surfing and beach parties — but most of all, the sacrificing and dedicated staff volunteering in many cases to give the gift of life-long teachings and mentorship that make life at the Academy all the more enriching. With the boarding school environment, people that wouldn’t interact in a public school setting are more open and social, interacting outside of their comfort zones.”

Cadet Life at Army and Navy Academy works to develop young men of character with year-round reinforcement of our Academy values of leadership, honor, integrity, respect, responsibility, and compassion. 

The military component provides hierarchy and rites of passage, habit and structure, better personal appearance, peer leadership, and mentoring – all in a boy-centered environment.

Boys crave structure, hierarchy, and order, and if you think otherwise,  watch them play! They set boundaries, play positions, and they move as a team. They run plays, they know their assignment and they know how to help. 

Structure does not strip them of creativity; it creates unity and bonding, so boys are naturally drawn toward it.

The Cadet Life team of Trainers, Advisors, and Health Professionals are responsible for all time outside of the classroom. 

The structure is based on the traditional Junior Reserve Officer Training Commission (JROTC) curriculum and a military formation called the Corps of Cadets.