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There’s a Critical Need to Build a Moral Compass in Our Teens: Here’s How

In the wake of the 2002 national “No Child Left Behind” educational initiative, it appears that plenty children have been and continue to be left behind when it comes to developing character, morality, and ethics as standard behaviors.

Grit Seen As Major Predictor Of Success For Teens

It seems courage, follow-through, resilience, and excellence – collectively referred to as “grit” — are in short supply among today’s youth.

Additional Approaches Needed to Enhance Student Learning

While academic content and teaching strategies are important in planning children’s education, there are at least two more ingredients needed in a quality education.

Large Number of Teens Need a Moral Compass, Studies Show

Beyond school classrooms, there are character education resources that parents, grandparents and other adult role models can use to instill basic moral and ethical values in teenagers.

Elevating Executive Function for Boys

“Executive Function & Self-Regulation,” a paper written by Harvard University’s Center on the Developing Child, lists three skills that are crucial for learning and development.

Preparing For A College Visit

Choosing the college that is right for you is beyond important and that decision is based on a myriad of factors. Here’s how to come prepared.

Leadership Education Raises Student Achievement

The lack of leadership education is one reason for the growing disparity in educational attainment among U.S. students of different races, nationalities and socio-economic backgrounds.

Brain Science and the Difference between Boys and Girls

Boys and girls learn differently for a very simple biological reason – their brains are built differently. Given, their differences, boys and girls perform better provided different stimuli.

Is there a Cancer Growing in Our Schools?

We are failing boys if we don’t address the “malignancies” in the education system. If you think of this as a cancer, it is growing and we cannot ignore it.

Are We Failing Our Boys? – The Crisis in Education

Are you asking if there is a crisis looming? Are boys falling behind? And if so, what’s happened to our boys to make them fail and fall behind?

All-Boys vs. Co-Ed Schools: Which is Better?

If you’re a parent exploring private school options for your son, you may be wondering about the value of single gender vs. co-ed schools.

Cadet Salisbury Reflects on His Military School Experience

Taking a look back: Here’s an excerpt from Cadet Salisbury’s graduation speech from the Class of 2015.

Why Setting Goals is Important for Students

Goal setting is fundamental to long-term success. After all, it’s difficult to get to a desired destination before you it’s been clearly defined.

Do SAT and ACT Scores Matter?

With more and more colleges becoming “test-optional” and “test-flexible,” high school students are wondering if stressing about SAT and ACT scores truly matter. Do they?

How to Prepare Your Teen for College

The boarding school environment, combined with parent support, is one of the best ways to prepare students for college.

Military Schools Are About College Preparation, Not Enlistment

The top private military boarding schools in the U.S. send around 98% of their graduates to college and university, with only a very small percentage enlisting directly after high school.

When to Choose a Military Boarding School Instead of a Traditional Boarding School

Boarding schools offer an opportunity to develop resiliency, independence and a higher level of college prep than the best public or independent day school.

5 Things Military Boarding Schools Have That Other Boarding Schools Don’t Offer

All boarding schools offer academic and life skills advantages. A college prep military boarding school delivers those advantages and more.

Benefits of Attending Leadership Camp

Leadership camps improve not only your manners and behavior, but your personal morale, appearance, and confidence.

Adjusting to Life as a Cadet at ANA

Adjusting to being a new Cadet at Army and Navy Academy isn’t really as hard as you might think. Living at school has made my classmates not only my friends, but my brothers as well.