Contact Army and Navy Academy

2605 Carlsbad Boulevard
Carlsbad, California 92008

Main Phone Line: 760.729.2385
Admission Office: 888.762.2338

The Office of Admission is located upstairs at the front-end of the campus (NE Corner above the Dining Hall).

Parking is available in front of the Campus or in the Mountain View Parking Lot (right-hand side).

Contact Info for School Departments

Academics Office
760.547.5196    •

Admission Office
888.762.2338   •

Advancement Office
760.547.5279   •

Alumni Affairs Office
760.547.5276   •

Athletics Office
760.547.5258   •

Executive Office
760.547.5290   •

Facilities Rentals/Inquiries
760.547.5208   •

Financial Services
760.547.5265   •

Health Center
760.547.5213   •

Parent Affairs
760.547.5274   •

760.547.5191   •

Residential Life/Operations Office
760.547.5228   •

Summer Programs
760.547.5209   •

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Sending Mail to ANA Cadets

All mail for Cadets is delivered to the Operations Office.

Cadet mail is delivered to the Operations Office. Cadets will be paged to
pick up package mail. ALL package mail will be opened in the presence of
a TAC Officer to ensure Cadet safety. Company TAC Officers will distribute
the letter mail prior to CQ. 

Note that there are different addresses for letter mail and package mail:

Letter Mail:
Cadet Name (Company ___)
Army and Navy Academy
PO Box 3000
Carlsbad, CA 92018-3000

Package Mail:
Cadet’s Name (Company ___)
Army and Navy Academy
2605 Carlsbad Blvd.
Carlsbad, CA 92008

~ Pamela R. (Parent)

“A wonderful place for boys to learn leadership, responsibility, character and the many skills needed to become engaged, purposeful and contributing citizens and young men of tomorrow! ANA is providing my son opportunities to be the best he can be and as an ANA parent I could not be more pleased with our experience.”