Campus Services

Army and Navy Academy collaborates with trusted local partners to facilitate an array of top-notch services for students on campus.


Located at the center of campus, the Operations Office is the hub for critical functions on campus.

The Operations Office provides 24/7 support and security for all students and parents.  More…

Health Center

Our Health Center staff provides a caring and attentive atmosphere and maintains close communication with families to ensure optimal care of each Cadet. The Health Center’s goal is to keep your Cadet in optimal physical health to ensure academic achievement and success.  More…

Cadet Store

The Cadet Store is your one stop shop, offering immediate and convenient access to all books, school supplies, and uniforms.

Open M – F: 9:30 am – 5:30 pm and during special events on selected weekends.  More…

Additional Campus Services

We strive to ensure that our students have everything they need to be safe and comfortable while away from home:

Dining Services

The Army and Navy Academy takes pride in our café style food service. Cadets can enjoy a variety of delicious homestyle meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There are always hot items in addition to the daily salad and sandwich bars.

Of course, no dining establishment would be complete without offering mouthwatering pizza and a Deli Station featuring high quality deli meats, cheeses, and homemade soup. The café caters to the health conscious, offering nutritional information on our products and making all menu items with fresh quality products.

Frank Laucis, the Food Service Director, can accommodate any special requirements a Cadet might have. He can be reached at: 760.547.5234 or by email.


The Facilities Department encompasses all locations on campus where Cadets study, learn, eat, sleep, and play. The Facilities Team keeps these locations clean, safe, and secure.

Recently completed projects include:

  • Renovation of Davis Hall Foyer – new paint, light fixtures, flooring, and renovation of trophy cases.
  • Renovation of Board Room – new paint, furniture, and technology.
  • Renovation of Admission Office – new paint and furniture.
  • Establishment of recycling program.

Facilities is responsible for campus beautification, including landscaping and gardening. Additionally, the team is working toward the Master Plan goal of environmental sustainability.

Information Technology

At Army and Navy Academy, we teach cadets that digital literacy is a critical life skill that must be appropriately managed. Our technology staff operate, maintain, and monitor a secure, campus-wide wireless network for cadet use. Its hours are regulated to best enhance the cadet experience.

Our campus boasts a computer lab and current-generation Chromebooks, which provide access to essential tools like online libraries and educational websites. Our staff is here to ensure that technology systems are running smoothly and being used responsibly.

Our goal is to ensure that we bring the best, most efficient technology to cadets and staff, so that our students are well prepared for the unique challenges of an increasingly digital world.


Being a good reader is key to all of your classes—yes, even math! Visiting and using our library will help you as you pursue academic research needed to complete the homework or assignments given by your teachers during class. Additionally, you may want to spend some of free time choosing an eBook, book, or magazine to read.

As you learn to use the library’s resources you will find that books, reference materials and online databases are excellent sources of information. You will learn to use skills, resources and tools to:

  • Inquire, think critically and gain knowledge
  • Draw conclusions, make informed decisions and apply knowledge
  • Share knowledge and participate ethically and productively
  • Pursue personal growth.

Our Staff is here to help you find the resources or teach the skills necessary to help you become a successful student. If you need help, just ask!


Our Transportation Department will take your Cadet to doctor’s appointments, athletic games, public transportation stations, and weekend activities.

Shuttle to/from Train Station
Requests for transportation between ANA and the local train station submitted at least 48 hours in advance (and accompanied by the Cadet’s itinerary) is complementary.  Otherwise, a fee of $8 is charged.

Airport Trips
We will provide transportation for your son to San Diego International Airport ($30) or Carlsbad’s Palomar Airport ($20), but do not provide transportation to or from LAX.

Please submit your Cadet’s itinerary to the Transportation Department at least one week before his departure, and please keep in mind that the Academy does not provide return transportation – you must schedule a shuttle or cab.

We also recommend Jazzy Transportation, which offers $10 rides to the train station and $50 rides to the San Diego International Airport (508.615.2752).

Doctor’s Appointments
If you Cadet requires a doctor’s appointment, the Health Center will schedule it for him. They will notify the Transportation Office of the appointment, and we will take him there.

If your son is under 18 years old, a driver or chaperone will remain with him and will be charged $20.00 per hour. If your Cadet is dropped off and picked up after the appointment, you will be charged, $15 per hour.

Emergency Room Transportation
We provide transportation to the Emergency Room, if needed. If the Cadet is under 18 years old, an Academy Staff member will remain with him the entire time. If he is 18 years or older, we will remain if the student/facility insists on it.

If we must stay with the cadet, you will be charged $25 per hour. If we drop off and pick up after the cadet is treated, the fee is $20 per trip.

International Arrivals
In an effort to ensure a smooth and steadfast process for your son’s arrival into the United States and at the Academy, we recommend you book a flight for him into San Diego Airport or Palomar Airport.

You will find more details in the Cadet and Parent Guidebooks.  If you have any questions, please call 760.547.5212 or send us an email.