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Emphasis on Participation

Interscholastic Athletics

Interscholastic Athletics

Army and Navy Academy is a member of the CIF Coastal Conference, participating in 14 CIF sanctioned sports:

Emphasis on Participation

Participation in physical activity is an integral part of a healthy day. At 3:15 each day, our campus is transformed into an Olympic Village. Every one of our Cadets is involved in some form of physical activity every day.

Cadets at Army and Navy Academy have many activities to choose from. Interscholastic Athletics, Club Sports, Strength and Conditioning, specialized Physical Education Classes and PT (physical training) are offered throughout the year.

Our goal is to provide the most fun, rewarding, and inclusive experience possible for all of our Cadets and research backs us up. Sports play a positive role in supporting youth development, leading to improved academic achievement, fewer behavioral problems, better psychosocial health, and more. In fact, almost every study reveals benefits in competence, character, confidence, and other critical components of personal development.

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Athletics News

Lacrosse Interest Increases at U.S. Boarding Schools

The Army and Navy Academy lacrosse team is in its third year and is excited to announce John Gillespie as their new head coach!

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Zhang Becomes Second ANA Wrestler to Qualify for the California State Wrestling Championship

Jonathan Zhang is the second wrestler in ANA history to qualify for the prestigious California State Wrestling Championship.

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Wrestling Coach Roye Oliver Receives Coaches Award Trophy

Coach Oliver was presented with the Coaches Award trophy for revitalizing the wrestling program at the Army and Navy Academy in February 2017

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A Warrior’s Journey

Aziz Seck’s journey to ANA began when he left Dakar, Senegal at the age of 16. With only hoop dreams and the hope for a better life, his first step was a small school in rural Georgia where he and several of his teammates were housed in the gym

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Strength and Conditioning

Strength and Conditioning classes are offered year-round, introducing Cadet-athletes to updated techniques and participate in a pre- and post-testing to track progress.

Specialized Physical Education

Based upon Cadet interest, classes have been formed for Crossfit, Basketball, Wrestling, Soccer, Distance Running, and Swimming.

Physical Training

Cadet Life Officers conduct physical training classes that consist of calisthenics, conditioning, and other fun activities including soccer, basketball, and volleyball.