Athletics — Warrior Proud!

At 3:15 each day, our campus is transformed into an Olympic Village. Every one of our students is involved in some form of physical activity every day.

Army and Navy Academy is a member of the CIF (California Interscholastic Federation) Coastal Conference, participating in 14 CIF sanctioned sports.

Our goal is to provide the most fun, rewarding, and inclusive experience possible for all of our students.
According to research, sports play a positive role in supporting youth development, leading to improved academic achievement, fewer behavioral problems, better psychosocial health, and fostering competence, character, confidence, and other critical components of personal development.

Students at Army and Navy Academy have many activities to choose from. CIF sports, Club Sports, Strength and Conditioning, specialized Physical Education Classes and PT (physical training) are offered throughout the year.

ANA's Elite Athletic Hall of Fame

The Elite Athletic Hall of Fame was created to recognize outstanding athletic performance of Army and Navy Academy Alumni.  Browse all inductees…

The Science Behind Athletics and Academics

Winning on the Field and in the Classroom

Brain Activity
Scientists have found that physical activity impacts cognitive development. Blood flow increases during exercise, both to active parts of the body and throughout parts of the cortex. This greater blood flow improves brain function. Further, exercise increases neural activity in the brain, increasing attention span to facilitate learning.

Athletics are a key part of life at Army and Navy Academy. Each Cadet participates in some form of physical activity each day, whether it’s on an organized team, an individual sport, specialized physical education, or working on strength and conditioning. These activities keep Cadets active and their brains alert so they excel on the field and in the classroom.

Academic Scores
Several studies have found a correlation between participation in physical activity and higher academic scores, including G.P.A. and test results. These studies show that the effects of frequent exercise are long-term. A notable French study tracked the physical activity of middle school students. Not only did the G.P.A. outcomes of the more active students improve immediately, but the results were maintained when the researchers followed up four years later.

It is clear that our physically active Cadets are very successful academically – just take a look at our recent college matriculation to see for yourself. Many Cadets see a significant G.P.A. increase throughout their time at the Academy. Of course, much of this is due to our dedicated teachers and academic supports, but athletic participation also plays a role.

Personal Satisfaction and School Pride
Research by the US National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health found a positive correlation between physical activity and mental health, including emotional wellness, self-confidence, and positive expectations for the future. Furthermore, participation in sports is linked to greater satisfaction in a student’s experience at school, leading to lower dropout rates.

Warrior Pride is evident as soon as one steps on to the Army and Navy Academy campus, and our scholar-athletes are always present at sporting events to cheer on their fellow Cadets. Our Athletic Director and his coaching staff work hard to ensure that each Cadet’s athletic experience positively contributes to his intellectual, physical, social, and emotional development, leading to increased confidence and academic achievement.

The athletic success of our Cadets has given many the opportunity to continue competition in their sport of choice at the college level, giving our current Cadets a sense of pride and goals for the future.

Trudeau, François and Shephard, Roy J. (2008). Relationships of Physical Activity to Brain Health and the Academic Performance of Schoolchildren. American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine, 5:5-10.

~ Matthew K. (Alumnus)

“Watching a first year program grow while learning the game of lacrosse has been the best experience of my life, teaching me much about the game and about being part of a team.”

Our Athletic Facilities

The Academy has modernized and expanded many athletic facilities across campus. Sports play a positive role in supporting youth development, leading to improved academic achievement, fewer behavioral problems, better psychosocial health, and fostering character, confidence, and other critical components of personal development.

Duffield Sports Center & Maffucci Field

The Duffield Sports Center’s main purpose is to support the Academy’s interscholastic athletic program, consisting of two new buildings and the Maffucci playing field.

  • Maffucci Field is the site of football, soccer, baseball, and lacrosse games and practices, in addition to parades and intramural activities. All Cadets have access.
  • Duffield Sports Center has a new 800 seat Gymnasium is the home of the Warrior basketball team and is utilized for Wrestling matches and tournaments.  The gymnasium is available to all Cadets.
  • A new Strength and Conditioning Center is available to all Cadets, Faculty, and Staff.  This facility is utilized for classes and teams in preparation for competition.
  • An Athletic Training Room is staffed by a certified trainer and available to all Cadets.
  • Locker Rooms are utilized by teams in season and  accommodate both home and visiting teams with bathroom facilities and showers.

Davis Hall Gymnasium

Our historic Davis Hall Gymnasium is the first building built on the Academy’s Carlsbad campus, in honor of Captain Thomas A. Davis who founded the Army and Navy Academy over 100 years ago.

Formerly the main gymnasium, it now serves as an auxiliary gym and will be utilized for practices, intramurals, and open play for all cadets.

Additional Athletic Facilities

The Academy Pool is the site of swimming practices and meets. Utilized by all students, the pool is also the site of swim tests that all cadets take in order to receive beach access.

Tennis Courts are also on campus, used by the tennis team for practices and available to all cadets.

The Army Navy Beachfront is available to all cadets when staffed by a lifeguard. The Academy has its own private beach access, and it is utilized by the surf team in addition to open swim and surf for all cadets who have passed the swim test.

Our goal is to provide the most fun, rewarding, and inclusive experience possible for all of our students.

We allow non-profit groups to rent our athletic facilities. If you’re interested in renting our gym, sports center/field, tennis courts, outdoor hockey rink, pool, or other athletic facilities, please email David Johnson or call 760.547.5208.