Academic Excellence

Excellence in academics stems from passionate teachers, a challenging curriculum, a structured learning environment, and positive role models – it is an essential piece of the Warrior Experience.

We are determined to give students of Army and Navy Academy an outstanding educational experience to prepare them for life after graduation.

Our core curriculum is based on the University of California’s entrance requirements and our college-preparatory curriculum includes Advanced Placement (AP) and honors courses.

Our academic support such as mandatory study time, before school tutorials, and evening office hours, give our Cadets the resources they need to excel in the classroom. We also offer exciting electives including computer science and aviation.

As our graduates head off to prestigious colleges, universities, and service academies, they move into the world with a greater sense of identity, purpose, and moral grounding.

Why a Single-Gender Model Works

As a Gurian Model School, we study the science behind how boys learn, conduct regular training sessions for our faculty and staff, and implement boy-friendly strategies inside and outside the classroom.

Army and Navy Academy utilizes instructional techniques tailored to how boy’s brains work, learn, and become motivated to reach their full potential.

Stand-up desks, fidget toys, hands-on exercises, project-based learning, interactive technology, movement, music, team-building, and much much are incorporated into the classroom.

~ Dennis V. (Alumnus)

“I am proud to be a graduate of Army and Navy Academy! I found it to be a place of honor, dignity, and respect! I remember it as a place that prepared me well to graduate from a top tier engineering school…I still find the etiquette learned there to be beneficial to my career…”

What Sets Our Academics Apart

Since 1910, we have worked to develop scholarship and character in young men.

  • Small class sizes (15:1 student to teacher ratio)
  • Personal attention from teachers
  • After school tutorial and office hours
  • Robust success plan for college acceptance
  • Emphasis on character development throughout all subject matter

At our boarding school, academics extend beyond the classroom. Teachers are available for tutoring immediately after classes end and in the evenings during study hall.

They also coach or supervise sports and clubs, so they get to know students outside of the classroom.