About Army and Navy Academy

Educating Tomorrow's Leaders

Confident, independent, and resilient are just some of the words that describe an Army and Navy Academy Cadet.

Located on the coast in San Diego County, California, Army and Navy Academy is truly unique. Our college preparatory curriculum is catered to the ways that boys learn best. Interactive lessons, small class sizes, personal attention, and formal leadership training motivate each Cadet to reach his full potential.

This combination - leadership education, a college-prep curriculum, and teaching in the ways that boys learn best - all adds up to create The Warrior Experience.

As a private military school with a JROTC program, Cadets are educated to a set of core values that shape all aspects of life. Honesty, integrity, respect, responsibility, compassion, and gratitude are the cornerstones.

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"Our son has learned more than we would have ever expected and the discipline and drive that he has is remarkable." - Parent

Academy Mission, Vision, and Philosophy

Request More Information about our Boarding SchoolThe Mission

Army and Navy Academy's mission is to educate, mentor, and develop good character and leadership in young men.

The Vision 

Army and Navy Academy will be a premier, college preparatory, military boarding school for young men. Internationally recognized, its structure instills pride in its Cadets and empowers them to develop academic excellence, leadership, and character traits to succeed in life.

The Philosophy

The philosophy of Army and Navy advances the fulfillment of our mission and provides a pathway for Cadets to:

  • Value an active pursuit of knowledge to realize individual potential
  • Instill a sense of brotherhood, self-discipline, leadership, and respect for others
  • Develop honor and pride in themselves and in the school-wide community
  • Gain respect for God, country, and all for which they stand

Army and Navy Academy is a 501c3 nonprofit.