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The elective courses offered at the Academy provide Cadets with the opportunity to develop their interests while maintaining a balanced academic schedule. These classes encourage intellectual curiosity and independent thought. Courses span many areas of study – from video production to exercise physiology. There is truly something for everyone, with courses designed to engage Cadets of all interests and learning types. In addition to the extensive Visual and Performing Arts electives, the following courses are available as electives.

Academic Approach

Elective classes follow the same academic standards as other courses at the Academy.  They promote personal initiative, organization, time management, effective communication, and positive interpersonal relationships.  These courses are critical for academic engagement and motivation.



ESOL (English to Speakers of Other Languages) – 9th through 12th grades

ESOL (English to Speakers of Other Languages) – 9th through 12th grades – UC Approved Course – Full Year

This literature based course is designed to develop students’ listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in the English Language. Emphasis is placed on the active reading strategies, study skills, and academic language functions needed to access the English Language Arts Standards and the content curriculum. This class is designed to facilitate the transition into mainstream English. One unit of an ESOL course may be taken which satisfies a cadet’s English curricular requirement. ESOL courses may also be taken within a cadet’s course of study to better support his learning.

ESOL (English to Speakers of Other Languages) Advanced Grammar

ESOL Advanced Grammar for Non-Native English Speakers (Semester 1) – 9th through 12th grades Currently Under Review for UC Course Approval – One Semester

Advanced Grammar for non-native English speakers is designed to facilitate students in making the transition into English for academic purposes. The course introduces advanced grammar conventions for non-native speakers and emphasizes standard usage. Topics include: Parts of speech, clauses, verb forms and tenses, pronoun case and sentence type.

ESOL (English to Speakers of Other Languages) Advanced Writing

ESOL Advanced Writing for Non-Native Speakers – 9th through 12th grades – Currently Under Review for UC Course Approval – One Semester

Advanced Writing for non-native English speakers is designed to facilitate students in making the transition into academic writing in English. Students will explore the writing process and will focus on the English language mechanics and usage skills necessary for effective written communication.

Visual and Performing Art – High School

Visual and Performing Art – High School

The Academy offers a robust offering of Visual and Performing Arts electives taught by well reputed professionals.

Classes include various levels in the following: art, photography, band, guitar, music technology, video production, and drama. Read More

Warrior Aviation Course

Warrior Aviation Course

Citing the growing shortage of pilots over the next few years, the Army and Navy Academy is launching a four-year aviation training program in the 2018-19 school year, designed to stimulate interest in an aviation career for the high-school age Cadets and prepare them to pursue further training after graduating. The University of California-approved Warrior Aviation Course (WAC) will connect aviation and aeronautics, science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) courses with other core subject curriculum to prepare Cadets for future careers as certified pilots of commercial and military aircraft as well as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles or drones. Cadets will also receive college credits to help them pursue aviation at a four-year college or university.

Cadets enrolled in this four-year program will learn about different aspects of flight, aviation, and aerospace from a certified pilot and instructor. The course will provide Cadets with a comprehensive curriculum and ground school on scientific theory and practice, with the ultimate goal of passing the FAA Private Pilot Exam. This course will serve as a prerequisite for the Instrument Pilot course.

By enrolling your Cadet in our Warrior Aviation Program, you are guaranteeing him a head start on the path to a very successful college experience and future career. Cadets will not only be prepared to take and pass the Private Pilot written exam, but will be thoroughly prepared for college, future leadership roles, and a possible career in the Aviation sector. Completion of the course should also ultimately lead to Cadet’s earning their Pilot’s Pilot License.

Additional information on the Warrior Aviation Course is available by contacting Dean Segovia at


Yearbook – 9th through 12th grades – Full Year

Yearbook will have Cadets produce a high quality yearbook for the Cadets, the patrons, and the staff of Army and Navy Academy to read and enjoy for years to come. During the course of the school year, Cadets will learn the importance of personal interviewing, journalistic writing, taking photographs, creating layout and design, and meeting predetermined deadlines. They will also learn to combine journalistic integrity with the financial end of producing a well-crafted and timely publication.

Art - Middle School

Middle School Art – 7th or 8th grade – One Semester

This course will serve as an introduction to Art, specifically designed for Middle School Students. Students will develop artistic work through a variety of materials and techniques. Students will be introduced to the beginning artistic concepts of line, color, space, form, shape, and texture.

Band - Middle School

Middle School Band – 7th or 8th grade – Full Year

The objective of the Middle School Band class is to provide a foundation for musical literacy and instrumental proficiency. Cadets will be given a thorough grounding in pitch, scales, melody, harmony, meter and rhythm, texture, dynamics, articulation, and form, as they learn to play a band instrument. Students with previous band experience will have the opportunity to work on additional musical projects in the early part of the course and will be excellent role models and mentors for the students with no previous experience.