International Admission

International Cadets at ANA

Being an international Cadet at Army and Navy Academy is a life-changing experience. Cadets come from 18 countries and 14 different U.S. states, making ANA a microcosm of the world. Students learn global studies firsthand through daily interactions, classroom studies, team-building activities, leadership training, sports, and extracurricular activities.

Most of our international Cadets attend our California boarding school for boys in order to prepare for university and to improve their English skills. They also see great value in the ethics, leadership training, and self-knowledge acquired at ANA.

The days at the Academy are challenging, but balanced by intellectual, physical, and social activities. Waking up early, attending class, going to tutorial after school, then enjoying athletics all make for a rigorous day. At the end of the day, Cadets go to dinner, relax, then study in the evening. After study time, Cadets prepare for the next day, including uniform and barrack inspections prior to lights out.

International Cadets graduate with more confidence, better communication skills, independence, and resiliency. Our international Cadets attend U.S. colleges and universities after graduating; however, some attend colleges abroad. While some students become naturalized, others return home to forge their careers. The Academy has a legacy of educating future leaders in the fields of business, law, medicine, engineering, the arts, and government.

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Who is an international Cadet? Non-U.S. citizens, as well as those residing in the U.S. with a Green Card, are considered international students.

Entrance Requirements 

Admission Criteria: We are seeking international students with a high commitment to attend, strong academic records, and an interest in leadership, sports, clubs, and character development.

The academic year begins with the ESOL Accelerator course, which helps new Cadets acclimate to the campus and work on improving their English language and comprehension skills. A full-year ESOL class is required for all new international Cadets. The only exception is for students with an advanced command of the English language as evidenced by their TOEFL scores and Skype interviews. Second year Cadets are encouraged to select one of our ESOL electives to improve grammar, writing, comprehension, and college preparatory skills.

ESOL (Intermediates): High school applicants should test and interview in the intermediate range. First Priority is given to applicants in the TOEFL iBT range of 52-60 or SSAT range of 1800-2000. If you do not meet the required range, please contact us for details. A Skype interview is also required. For middle school students (entering grades 7-9), we prefer a score of TOEFL Junior 725-750+; however, we do exercise flexibility with applicants entering the middle school. A Skype interview is also required.

ESOL (Advanced Beginners): If an applicant does not meet the intermediate standard,  in some cases, we will recommend enrolling in an English Immersion Program prior to application. 

General Information

Attendance: International Cadets must arrive by the assigned registration/move-in date to avoid loss of academic credit. In addition, their enrollment space could be given to another student and a fee of $1000 will be assessed.  This pertains to attendance throughout the year, including before and after holidays as well. 

Health Preparation: International Cadets must follow all health center guidelines before arriving and entering campus. Parents, Guardians, and local contacts should ensure the online portal is completed annually and all vaccinations are current. Noncompliance will disallow a student from entering and staying on campus until all steps are complete. 

Weekends and Holidays: During the weekends, we offer a variety of activities like going to the beach, watching movies, playing games and sports, cycling, aviation course, and visiting theme parks and museums. In addition, there is a spring trip abroad. For holidays, all Cadets must go home or stay with their local contact. 

Transportation: The Academy is within 45 minutes of the San Diego International airport and there is a transit system just a few blocks off campus.

Deadline for Payment: To receive a $1000 tuition credit, contract and first payment must be received by no later than May 14th.  All wires with the full remaining balance must be turned in by no later than July 2, 2018 to secure your enrollment space. 

Contact Information

Victor Traycey
Associate Director of Admission, International
Phone: 760.547.5285
Fax: 760.434.5948