Athletic Facilities

Duffield Sports Center

The extraordinary generosity of the Duffield family is the starting point for a complex consisting of two new buildings and playing field. The Duffield Sports Center’s main purpose is to support the Academy’s interscholastic athletic program, but it will also serve as a community center where the entire Academy community can gather for a celebration or learning experience in addition to a game.

On a limited basis, we also allow non-profit groups to rent our athletic facilities.

Want to rent the gym, field, tennis courts, outdoor hockey rink, pool, sports center, or other athletic facilities? Contact David Johnson at 760.547.5208 or email .


  • Maffucci Field is the site of football, soccer, baseball, and lacrosse games and practices, in addition to parades and intramural activities. All Cadets have access.
  • A new 800 seat Gymnasium is the home of the Warrior basketball team and is utilized for Wrestling matches and tournaments.  The gymnasium is available to all Cadets.
  • A new Strength and Conditioning Center is available to all Cadets, Faculty, and Staff.  This facility is utilized for classes and teams in preparation for competition.
  • An Athletic Training Room is staffed by a certified trainer and available to all Cadets.
  • Locker Rooms are utilized by teams in season and  accommodate both home and visiting teams with bathroom facilities and showers.

Other Athletic Facilities on Campus

The Academy has several other athletic facilities in addition to the Duffield Sports Center.

  • The Davis Hall Gymnasium is housed in the first building built on the Academy’s Carlsbad campus.  Formerly the main gymnasium, it now serves as an auxiliary gym and will be utilized for practices, intramurals, and open play for all cadets.
  • Tennis Courts are also on campus, used by the tennis team for practices and available to all cadets.
  • The Academy Pool is the site of water polo practices and matches, as well as swimming practices and meets.  It is utilized by all students. The pool is also the site of swim tests that all cadets take in order to receive beach access.
  • The Army Navy Beachfront is available to all cadets when staffed by a lifeguard.  The Academy has its own private beach access, and it is utilized by the surf team in addition to open swim and surf for all cadets who have passed the swim test.