Weekend Activities

Quality time spent with friends, whether on or off-campus, is a valuable experience, fostering immeasurable self-esteem and promoting pride in a postive behavior.

 Being qualified for college and equipped for what follows after graduation means more than just academic preparation; it means life readiness.  The biggest takeaways our Alumni cite from their experience at the Academy is that they learned how to make appropriate decisions, prioritize tasks, manage their time effectively, and balance their days between intellectual, social, and physical pursuits.

Weekends provide Cadets ample time and opportunities to exercise these skills while enjoying some downtime and participating in a variety of exciting activities!

Weekend Trips

Throughout the school year, Cadets have multiple opportunities to participate in various supervised off-campus activities and trips.  In addition to local activity outings, including surfing, boating and kayaking, laser-tag, paintball, drone flying, rock-climbing, and archery, other, more leisurely destinations, such as shopping malls and restaurants, Cinepolis Luxury Theaters,  and Boomers Family Entertainment Center are also visited regularly.

The Academy activity staff also regularly organize and offer exciting excursions to more significant and memorable events and destinations.  These trips routinely include visiting Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farm, Balboa Park, San Diego Air & Space Museum, U.S.S. Midway, and are highlighted by annual visits to the Miramar Air Show, Knott’s Scary Farm haunted houses and nearby snow play areas.

For details on upcoming events, explore the weekend activities calendar found on the Daily Bulletin.

The Recreation (Rec) Hall

As the primary recreation facility on campus, the Recreation (Rec) Hall is very popular with Cadets, offering a variety of entertainment options, plenty of snacks, and a fantastic ocean view.  Within the Rec Hall, Cadets with free-time can take full advantage of the available pool tables, ping pong tables, video games, HD movies, foosball tables, and lounge areas for relaxing.

Adding to the list of Cadet recreation options, Academy activity staff monthly orchestrate tournaments and group games, promoting sportsmanship and the benefits of teamwork.  These friendly competitions range from football, beach volleyball, and whiffle ball games to video game challenges, kickball or dodgeball tournaments, and more.

In addition to providing various entertainment options, the canteen located inside the Rec Hall offers a variety of snacks and refreshments available for purchase with the use of Cadets’ incidental accounts.

~ Cadet

“Carlsbad Village is the heart of Ocean-Surfing-California culture, a small hip and upscale surf town with some of the most fantastic scenery on earth!”