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Weekend Activities

Good time spent with friends is a valuable experience, fostering immeasurable self-esteem and teaches pride in good behavior, whether on or off campus.

To be ready for College and life beyond means much more today than academic preparation; it means life readiness. One of the biggest takeaways our Alumni cite from their experience at the academy is that they learned how to balance their day between intellectual, social, and physical pursuits, manage their time effectively, prioritize, and make good decisions.

Weekends give students the opportunity to enjoy some downtime and participate in some exciting activities!

Weekend Trips

We offer students the option to sign up for many supervised trips throughout the school year. Locally, typical outings include: surfing and hiking; boating and kayaking; laser tag; flying drones; rock-climbing; shopping malls and restaurants; Cinepolis Luxury Theaters; Boomers; archery; and more.

Army and Navy Academy regularly offers exciting excursions to larger events and activities as well. Recent trips include: Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farm, Balboa Park, Cineopolis movie theaters, Haunted House, Miramar Air Show, San Diego Air & Space Museum, Snow Trips, USS Midway, and more.

The Recreation (Rec) Hall

The Rec Hall is very popular with students, and offers one of the best views of the ocean. The Rec Hall houses two pool tables, ping pong tables, video games, HD movies, and foosball tables, and areas to relax. Also, The Canteen is located inside the Rec Hall, and offers a variety of snacks and refreshments (Canteen charges will be applied to your son’s incidental account.)

About once a month, Rec Hall Staff orchestrate tournaments, including: football; beach volleyball; whiffle ball; video games; kickball; dodgeball; and more..

~ Cadet

“Carlsbad Village is the heart of Ocean-Surfing-California culture, a small hip and upscale surf town with some of the most fantastic scenery on earth!”