Our Beach

The highlight of Cadet activity areas is the Academy beachfront along the west edge of campus.  Offering private beach access, as well as lounge and picnic areas,  this section of the Carlsbad coast is monitored by Carlsbad City and Army and Navy Academy lifeguards throughout the year. 

This schedule allows plenty of time for Cadet surfers, boogie boarders, and beach-goers to catch some waves on San Diego’s scenic northern coast and enjoy the Pacific coastline.

The Pool

Since its refurbishment in the spring of 2019  featuring resurfacing of the surrounding patio deck, filter system upgrades, and the addition of on-site changerooms, the six-lane, 25-yard Academy pool remains a popular and highly trafficked recreation destination for Cadets.  In addition, the pool serves as an excellent activity alternative when the beach closes due to unsafe surf conditions, or other unforeseen circumstances.

Lap swimming for exercise, and drop in water polo are some of the more popular aquatic programs offered to Cadets in addition to regularly scheduled Swim clinics.  Swim clinics allow Cadets who may not have performed their best during their initial swim test to continue practicing in preparation for re-testing and a chance at improving their swim status.

Lifeguard Courses

For Cadets with advanced swimming skills looking for a challenge, the Academy aquatic staff offer Red Cross Lifeguard and the United States Lifesaving Association Junior Lifeguard courses for a minimal fee during the spring.

Both programs provide Cadets an opportunity to learn from professional lifeguards and gain a wide variety of skills and knowledge.  Course topics include how to enjoy the beach safely, first aid and CPR, water rescue techniques, the importance of keeping physically fit, and other lessons related to lifeguarding.  Cadets that fully commit to completing the Red Cross course earn Red Cross Lifeguard certification valid for two years from the date of successful completion.  Once certified, Cadets become eligible to apply for employment at any aquatic facility in the country accepting Red Cross Lifeguard Certification.  Contact the Academy activity staff for information on program dates and enrollment fees.

Campus Life

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For more information regarding the Army and Navy Academy’s Weekend Activities department or aquatics and lifeguard courses, contact Alex De Los Santos at 760.547.5275 or by email.

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