Co-Ed Summer Camps at ANA

Summer Camps at Army and Navy Academy are designed to enrich each participant’s character through academic pursuits, recreational activities, and leadership training.

Be Bold This Summer!

Looking for adventure, fun, and challenge? Our co-ed recreational and leadership summer camps instill pride and self-esteem, while developing good character, leadership traits and responsibility in teens. Gain confidence and independence while attending camp on our coastal boarding school campus in sunny southern California. Make this the summer of a lifetime!

Summer Leadership Camps

Camp Challenge is the Academy’s flagship summer leadership development program. It is the only Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) credit-eligible summer leadership camp west of the Mississippi.

Campers gain invaluable life skills while taking part in recreation activities, and team challenges that reinforce accountability, discipline, respect, and other traits that set the foundations of success.



Camp Dates & Information!

~ William M. (Camper)

“The camp gives you experiences. You’re always doing something adventurous, fun, or challenging.”

Guided by the mission of the Army and Navy Academy, the ANA Summer Programs’ philosophy provides pathways and opportunities for all summer campers to:

  • Value the active pursuit of knowledge and strive for their realization of individual potential
  • Develop a sense of self-discipline, leadership, and respect for others
  • Acquire personal honor and pride in themselves and in their community
  • Build cultural awareness through diversity
  • Develop positive self-esteem and an increased sense of accomplishment

ANA offers co-ed motivational summer leadership, academic, and recreation camps that encourage active involvement, accountability, skill development, and personal growth.

Initially established in 1943 as Camp Pacific for Boys, Army and Navy Academy (ANA) Summer Programs now offers co-eds campers from around the world, unique summer leadership training programs in addition to academic and recreation camps, all taking place on the beautiful Army and Navy Academy coastal campus.

Overseen by dedicated staff focused on mentoring campers in a supportive environment, ANA classes and activities concentrate on developing good character, leadership skills, and responsibility while enhancing confidence in all campers. Receiving staff support and guidance when necessary, campers meet challenges and share experiences with their peers that help instill pride and a sense of responsibility.

This emphasis on instilling the attitudes and traits that promote personal growth is what makes our high-challenge, high-reward summer programs truly unique.