Executive Office

Academy’s Mission and Vision

Executive Office
Army and Navy Academy is firmly committed to our values of Honor, Integrity, Respect, Responsibility, Compassion, and Gratitude, and we fervently pledge to fulfill our mission of educating, mentoring, and developing good character and leadership in young men. Our Cadets are remarkable and the reason for everything we do at the Academy.

The Cadet experience is shaped around:

Academics: We are determined to give our Cadets an outstanding educational experience to prepare them for life after graduation. Our Academic Supports like mandatory study time and after-school office hours give our Cadets the resources they need to excel in the classroom.

Athletics: An active lifestyle is an integral part of a healthy day, so each Cadet participates in some form of physical activity after classes each day. From our CIF-champion team sports to strength and conditioning training, we offer an athletic option to meet the needs of each Cadet.

Associated Student Body: The ASB has taken on a new life this year. We’ve added some new and exciting clubs like the Astronomy Club with the assistance of the Boyce family. Mr. Boyce and the Cadets are working in partnership with the Harvard College Observatory. What an amazing opportunity for our Cadets!

Leadership: Army-Navy Cadets are uniquely prepared for leadership roles through our JROTC program. Cadets learn that leadership responsibility is earned based on knowledge, skills and abilities; it is not something automatically granted because of age, size or physical strength.

Cadet Life: This year, we’ve worked to create synergy between JROTC and Cadet Life, so the leadership skills learned in the classroom continue to be emphasized after the school day is over.

Character Development: Character development is part of our mission here at the Academy, and we encourage Cadets to focus on our Core Values and beyond. Another important value we emphasize is gratitude. The Cadets and the entire Army and Navy Academy Community are so grateful for your continued support of our mission.

Thank you for your support of the Academy and our mission.

Contact: ABartell@armyandnavyacademy.org 

We are Warrior Strong!