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Languages Other Than English

The Army and Navy Academy’s foreign language department offers its students basic instruction in the languages of Spanish, German, and Chinese (Mandarin). The goal is to make them conversant in the language of their choice.  The department strives to have its students obtain the ability to speak, listen, read, and write the foreign language.

The instruction combines the pedagogy of a structural, functional, and interactive approach. The language is taught within the backdrop of the cultural, linguistic, and real life experiences of the language studied. Within the interactive approach, the language is used as a vehicle for the creation and maintenance of social relations, focusing on the patterns of moves, acts, and interaction found in conversational exchanges.

Academic Approach

Multiple curricular approaches are presented which include first-hand accounts by native guest speakers, film, the study of historical figures, the history of the countries studied, song and dance, and all aspects of the particular culture.



Mandarin Chinese 1

Mandarin Chinese 1 – 9th through 11th grade – UC approval in Process – Full Year

Chinese 1 is an introductory course for beginning Chinese learners. It is designed in accordance to UC requirements. It teaches Modern Standard Chinese, which is called Mandarin by Westerners, and simplified Chinese Characters which are used in mainland China. Students will start by learning the Pinyin Romanization system, followed by developing basic daily communication skills involving speaking, listening, reading and writing. By the end of the course, students will be able to participate in basic conversations, and read/write up to 150 characters.

German 1

German 1 – 9th through 11th grade – UC approval in Process – Full Year

This course is designed to give students the ability to understand, speak, read and write simple German. Primary goals are to introduce students to basic structures of the German language by developing vocabulary and command of idiomatic expressions; to familiarize students with sentence structure through written exercises and short compositions; to give students a basic foundation in German history and culture; and to develop a deeper understanding of German culture.

Spanish 1

Spanish 1 – 9th through 11th grade – UC Approved Course – Full Year

Spanish 1 will emphasize structural awareness, cultural acquaintance, and communication skills. Cadets will gain information about the civilization, cultures, and customs of the Spanish-speaking people, and they will appreciate the importance of Spanish in the world; they will learn the basics of Spanish grammar and usage; they will develop the four basic language skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. This is the first year course in a four-year sequence designed for the non-Spanish speaking cadet.

Spanish 2

Spanish 2 – 9th through 12th grade – UC Approved Course – Full Year

Pre-requisite: Successful completion of Spanish 1.
Spanish 2 will continue to build on the cultural awareness, communication skills, and an understanding of the structure of the Spanish language. Cadets will develop Spanish vocabulary; will understand and use various verb tenses; will learn elements of Spanish grammar; will speak, read, write, and understand basic conversational Spanish; and will expand knowledge of specific Hispanic cultures. This is the second course in a four-year sequence.

Spanish 3

Spanish 3 – 9th through 12th grade – UC Approved Course – Full Year

Pre-requisite: Successful completion of Spanish 2.
Spanish 3 will provide a more in-depth development of cultural awareness and communication skills. Cadets in the course will expand and deepen their knowledge of Spanish civilization, culture, and customs. They will increase their understanding of grammar and usage with increased emphasis on pronunciation, vocabulary building, conversational fluency, and composition. They will be exposed to samples of genuine Spanish literature and journalistic prose. This class is the third in a four-year sequence.

Spanish 3 Honors

Spanish 3 Honors – 9th through 12th grade – UC Approved Course – Full Year

Pre-requisite: An “A” in Spanish 2 with instructor approval.
Spanish 3 Honors will instill communicative proficiency and literacy through the continuing acquisition of skills in listening comprehension, speaking, reading, and writing; all of these will focus on the acquisition of a firm linguistic base. Continued development of a global perspective with increased knowledge and appreciation of Hispanic history, geography, and culture will be fostered. Cadets will be introduced to authentic Hispanic literature.

AP Curriculum

AP Spanish Language

AP Spanish Language – 10th through 12th grade – UC Approved Honors Course – Full Year

Pre-requisite: An “A” or “B” in Spanish 3 Honors or an “A” in Spanish 3 with instructor approval.
AP Spanish will provide the cadets the ability to comprehend formal and informal spoken Spanish. Cadets will acquire a stronger vocabulary and a greater grasp of structure for accurate reading of newspaper articles, magazine articles, and modern Spanish literature. Cadets will also acquire the ability to compose expository passages and the ability to express ideas orally with accuracy and fluency. The AP Spanish course covers the equivalent of a third-year college course in advanced Spanish writing and conversation. Cadets are expected to take the AP Spanish Language exam in May.