Visual and Performing Arts

Department Goals and Approach

Cadet Ang Li '18 took first place in the Carlsbad Rotary Club Instrumental Music Competition. He performed Claude Debussy's Clair de Lune.

The Fine Arts Department at the Army and Navy Academy is committed to inspiring students to greater levels of artistic expression and achievement and applying rigorous academic and performance standards in all disciplines.

Academic Approach:

Music  –  The curriculum is designed to cultivate music literacy, improve technical skills, and provide the student with a means of expression for the creative voice that defines the musical experience.

Drama  –  Students who are enrolled in Drama class will develop an appreciation of dramatic literature through application of dramatic activities, such as improvisation and performance, and develop and refine acting skills. The ultimate goal of the class is a stage production in the spring. Select students will learn how to use the lighting and sound systems.

Art  –  Beginning, Intermediate and AP Studio Art students will learn principles and elements of design in order to creatively develop their artwork. They will use a variety of materials and work in different media, producing a wide range of 2D and 3D work over the course of the school year. The students will discuss, read, and write about art.

Photography  –  Students will learn basic concepts and techniques of black and white photography, with fundamental instruction in different camera types and usage, film processing, printing, design elements and principles, and the historical and sociological significance of the art. In the second semester, they will learn the basics of digital photography and photo editing, leading to better practices and a higher appreciation of the photographic arts.

Middle School Art  –  Middle School Art is an elective class that introduces students to a variety of art media with the intent to support expression and inspire creativity. Students are given art history background to their daily activity in order to promote an interest in Art. The topics explored include Surrealism, Pop Art, Cubism, Abstract Art, Optical Art, and Contemporary Art, as well an assortment of creative projects, such as marbling paper and creating reliefs.

Visual and Performing Art (VPA) Curriculum