Honor Council

2014-15 Honor CouncilThe Honor Council is comprised of Cadets who are known to maintain integrity, respect, and trust. They set the example for all other Cadets to follow.

In order to satisfy this high standard, the Council adheres to the following principles in both word and deed:

  • We must be honest by ensuring that the full truth is known at all times; thus, we do not lie.
  • We must be fair by ensuring that any work submitted is our own and that any authorized assistance is properly documented; thus, we do not cheat.
  • We must be respectful by ensuring that another’s property is given the proper consideration as his and only his; thus, we do not steal.
  • We must be supportive by ensuring that any Honor Code offense committed by a fellow Cadet is properly reported in a timely manner; thus, we do not tolerate honor violations

The Academy Honor Code

Excellence in character primarily stems from personal integrity and honor. The Honor Code was instituted in the early 1900’s to help young men grow up to be honorable men. The Code represents the expectation of behavior for each Cadet and forms the foundation of trust and teamwork at the Army and Navy Academy.

The Honor Code: As a Cadet at the Army and Navy Academy, I will not lie, cheat, or steal, or tolerate those who do.

To Lie is to make an untrue statement, intending to deceive or produce a false impression. The statement can be oral, written, or implied by action.

To Cheat is to attempt or aid in an attempt to gain unfair advantage over others. Using the work of another person as your own is cheating.

To Steal is to knowingly take a property or service, temporarily or permanently, without consent. Taking or borrowing without permission is stealing.

To Tolerate is to ignore the dishonorable actions of other Cadets. A Cadet who knows that another Cadet violated the Honor Code has an obligation to report it. If he does not report the incident, he has committed toleration.\

The Academy Honor Treatise

Army and Navy Academy’s Honor Treatise is based upon true personal integrity—doing what is right at all times and living honorably, rather than simply getting by through not breaking the rules.

It is essential that we, as members of the Corps of Cadets, be united by a common thread—our trust and confidence in each other. Such trust and confidence can come only from exercising personal integrity. We must always stand for what is right.