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Financing Your Education at ANA

Financing Your Education at ANAThe Academy is fully committed to the education and development of tomorrow’s great leaders. For this reason, we contribute funds directly from our operational budget to qualified families.

Does your son possess the following? Leadership Potential, Good Character, Strong Academic Records, Positive Discipline Record and a High Commitment to Attend?

If your son meets the above criteria, and if you qualify for financial assistance, we encourage you to discuss financial options with us. Please contact the Office of Admission to discuss your particular situation or discuss it at the time of your appointment.

Following acceptance, families can complete the SSS online application and remit tax documentation. A careful review of student performance, along with the family’s need as documented, will be assessed by a committee. If an award is determined, notification will be sent by email/letter.

Discounts: In addition to financial assistance, a 10% tuition discount is applied for the following: siblings (second student), alumnus (parent), and active military (parent ID required).  Discount(s) can be combined with a financial assistance award.

Tuition Credit: If the contract and first payment is received by the May 15th deadline, a $1000 tuition credit will be applied for boarding or $500 for day students.  This can be combined with a financial assistance award.

Payment Plans: The Academy offers two payment plan options (single or seven payments).  Payments begin in June and end in December. 

Scholarships for Military Families: NewDay USA offers Gold Star families an opportunity to apply for scholarships. Questions? 760.547.5287

GoFundMe: Create a personal GoFundMe fundraising page for your son’s tuition. Learn more about GoFundMe here.

529 College Savings Funds: A 529 plan lets families save money for college and recently, important changes were made to 529 plans that will affect millions of taxpayers. Families may use 529 plan funds towards private school tuition due to new laws. Policies differ from state to state, so please consult with your CPA.

Timeline and Deadlines – Academic Year 2018-2019

For new families, immediately following acceptance and submission of the enrollment contract with first payment, the SSS online application and tax docs should be submitted. For returning students, adherence to the timeline below is required. 

January – Beginning in January, enrollment and re-enrollment contracts will be emailed with the link to the contract. Contract deadlines are noted in the cover email. Submission within 5 days of receipt is the standard to secure an enrollment space. 

April 16 – Please remit both the SSS application and last year’s official tax return documentation. 

May 04 – Financial Assistance Letters will be sent by email. 

May 15 –  Final deadline to receive a $1000 boarding tuition credit or $500 day tuition credit. Both contract and first payment must be received by no later than this deadline.  This credit can be combined with an financial assistance award, loans, and discounts. 

June 05 – Payment Plans will begin on June 5th or June 20th, depending on the option you select in Smart Tuition. 


After the applicant has been officially accepted or returning students have received their re-enrollment contract, families may apply for financial assistance. Financial need is determined by the NAIS/SSS application, U.S. official tax documents, and an internal review. The internal review considers the student’s academic record, school attendance, discipline records, and his commitment to attend the Academy. To receive the full benefit of our program and to ensure that your son can attend the Academy through graduation, we strongly encourage parents to create a long-term financial plan.

Note: Returning families must submit the SSS and Tax docs for each academic year their Cadet will attend. If you received a contract, this indicates the student is invited back and there is no need to go through the admission application process again. If you did not receive a contract, please check email filtered folders or contact the Office of Admission at 760.547.5278. 

How to Apply for Financial Assistance 

Step One: Complete the SSS online application after your son has been officially accepted. 

The Academy uses the national financial aid standards and guidelines established by the School and Student Service (SSS) system for financial aid. SSS methodology determines what a family might reasonably be expected to contribute toward educational expenses. This formula considers the income, assets, and expenses of both students and parents. The total amount available is divided among all children attending tuition-charging schools. This application is reviewed alongside tax documentation.

Families wishing to be considered for financial aid must submit a Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS) annually online through the SSS system. After official acceptance (new students) or receipt of the re-enrollment contract (returning students), please complete the online application on the following website: SSS/NAIS Family Portal.  (School Code: 1201)

Step Two: Submit a copy of last year’s official tax return with all schedules by uploading directly through SSS.  We can only accept official documents and cannot accept previous year tax returns even if tax extensions have been granted. 

Parents/Legal Guardians are required to submit a copy of their official Federal Tax return (IRS Form 1040, 1040 A, or 1040 EZ,  with all supplemental schedules and enclosures). Incomplete documents or past tax years will not be considered. 

Step Three:  Consider applying for a loan.  Please contact the Office of Admission after official acceptance.  

Loans are based on Fico scores and interest rates may vary. Loans can be combined with financial assistance awards, not to exceed the total tuition and expenses.  The applicant must be officially accepted before the family applies for a loan. 

Your Tuition Solution:
Phone: 800.920.9777

Please note:

Our financial assistance is limited each year and comes directly from our operating budget. Applicants who meet the deadline and all eligibility requirements will be processed for financial assistance. Applications that are remitted after the deadline will be considered only if funds are remaining in the budget.  Please contact an Associate in the Office of Admission to find explore all options.

Questions?  Please call the Office of Admission at 888.762.2338