An Investment in Your Son’s Future…

Deciding to attend a private school is one that requires much thought, as it is truly an investment in your son’s college, career, and life plans.

Whether you are working on ways to improve his academics, bolster his college options, establish a solid value system, develop confidence, or become more motivated and goal oriented, it’s important to know what makes a private school education at Army and Navy Academy such a sound investment in your son’s future. Check our the Comparative Statistics below to see how our boarding school for boys sets students apart in terms of college and life preparation.


Academic Year 2021-2022

Boarding:  $42,800     Day:  $24,500

Additional charges apply for books, uniforms, laundry, and incidentals. If required, ESOL Courses and Learning Strategies also incur additional fees.


Learning is so much more than academics. Our boarding school environment allows us to help you realize your potential, inside and outside the classroom.

Comparative Statistics of School Options

  Boarding Students Private Day Students Public School Students
Average hours a week spent on homework 17 9 8
Report that their school is academically challenging 91% 70% 50%
Report having high-quality teachers 90% 62% 51%
Hours per week watching television 3 7 7
Hours per week participating in sports and exercise 12 9 9
Say that their schools provide opportunities for leadership 77% 60% 52%
Graduates report being very well prepared academically for college 87% 71% 39%
Former students achieve positions in top management by mid-career 44% 27% 33%
Say that their social lives do not revolve around drugs and alcohol 95% 82% 82%

*Information extracted from The Truth About Boarding Schools, published by The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS).

~ Alex H. (Alumnus)

“This is not a school — it’s an institution for life, success, cultural intelligence and relationships. The range of diversity of cadets allowed me to grow with others of all different backgrounds. I honestly use what I learned at Army Navy more in my everyday than my college education.”
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Why Boarding School